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kent March 3 2009 06:07 PM

Ambassador class
Does anyone know what the MSD looks like? Or do they have a cutaway? There is so little information about this ship, I want to find out more...

nx1701g March 3 2009 07:05 PM

Re: Ambassador class
Nothing official but we do have some fanon ones.

Ambassador Cutaway
LCARS24's Cutaway

LCARS 24 March 4 2009 08:02 PM

Re: Ambassador class
Oh, I've updated that:

judge alba March 4 2009 08:30 PM

Re: Ambassador class
got a cutaway here if it's any good

Crazy Eddie March 4 2009 09:16 PM

Re: Ambassador class
Jackill's cutaway can be found here

Praetor March 4 2009 10:31 PM

Re: Ambassador class
I kinda dig how Jackill's forward torpedo tube is in the primary hull superstructure and sorta then gels with FJ's TOS weapons placements somewhat.

SicOne March 6 2009 05:00 AM

Re: Ambassador class
Newtype Alpha, try the link again, please; couldn't access it.

nx1701g March 6 2009 05:53 AM

Re: Ambassador class
There's this one

JoeRalat March 6 2009 06:59 AM

Re: Ambassador class
Here is my version

Praetor March 6 2009 09:12 AM

Re: Ambassador class
Wow, Joe, that's spiffy. I thought I had seen all of yours now but that's a new one to me.

SicOne March 6 2009 04:35 PM

Re: Ambassador class
24 decks from Joe's MSD seems like too few for a 526m long ship; likewise the 40-odd decks from the Jackill link seems too many. Per Ex Astris Scientia, there are 30-some countable window rows.

Praetor March 6 2009 05:44 PM

Re: Ambassador class
I didn't even blink at Jackill or Joe's deck count but now that you mention it they're both seeming rather odd.

LCARS, the fantail is right for the C, but they modified that fantail and other details for subsequent appearances of the model as other ships. I remember reading comments to indicate that those were refits in the Trekverse and the 'C' represented more or less the original Ambassador design.

LCARS 24 March 6 2009 06:03 PM

Re: Ambassador class
You're right, Praetor. Sorry. I did some more research and came back and deleted my post. I knew that a year ago but had forgotten.

And SicOne sold me on the idea of updating the deck count, which I did. And Jackill's version, with more decks than the Galaxy class, was a bit surprising to me the first time I saw it.

For now, I've got it like this, which seems reasonable, although I noticed my saucer rims are slightly off, even though I reversed and pasted the aft one after drawing the forward one (but probably later modified it when trying different ways of showing the Bussard collector while clarifying how the impulse engines fit in there).

JoeRalat March 7 2009 01:00 AM

Re: Ambassador class
From a design point of view, I would be more then happy to have my msd go against any other MSD. But If I could do it again, with the correct information...I would go 30-31 decks.

SicOne March 7 2009 04:38 PM

Re: Ambassador class
Joe, how would you figure the deck count if you could do the MSD all over again now?

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