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Aquehonga March 3 2009 04:20 AM

Odo: King of the Dough-Boys

Odo's been The Dominion's King for almost a decade now.

3 more months until Odo can celebrate his:

1st Decade being KING of the DOUGH-BOYS.

At the end of WYLB, Femme-Odo stepped down as being Dominion Queen, to stand trial for her atrocities & genocide, & then get shipped up the river to the Fed's Oz for eternity.

The UFP, like Krypton, has no death penalty. {No 24th Centuryer'll go within 10 parsecs of Talos IV!}

So, Femme-Odo became Schillinger's luvbunny & Odo took her place as the Dominion's King.

How much success do you think Odo has had democratizing the Dough Boys?

10 years later is The Dominion now a Γ Quadrant “UFP”? If so, has Odo changed the name of the Dominion to something more Fed-like?

Has Odo carried out Weyoun 6's desires & wishes, which were very much like his own?

Is Weyoun 6 now a national hero & revered martyr by Odo's administration, & the “New Dominion”?

Are there now statues of Weyoun 6 on Foundera & other Dough Boy worlds?

Weyoun 6, had he survived, no doubt would've been Odo's veep in the “New Dominion”, & been a great instrument for proselytizing democracy on Dough Boy worlds & throughout the γ quadrant:hugegrin:

Is there now free colonization & exploration rights for α & β Quadrant powers & species in the Γ Quadrant?

No doubt New Bajor is back:)

Well, I hope Odo's invited Kira, Doc Bashir, Rom, Leeta, O'Brien, Kasidy & her'n`Benny's now 10 year old kid, Quark, Worf, Jake, Nog, Morn & Garak entc, ent al to Foundera for his
10 Year Celebration of being Dough-Boy King:beer:

YOUR thoughts re: Odo's decade since WYLB>

AdmiralGarak March 3 2009 08:53 AM

Re: Odo: King of the Dough-Boys
King? The Great Link by its very nature has no ruler. The Female Shapeshifter was not any more powerful or important than any other Founder. (Nor was she a female for that matter.) By rejoining the Great Link, Odo was becoming an equal member in a community, not an authority figure.

As for reshaping the Dominion-- It's doubtful. I believe that the Founders will honor their treaty, as it's the only way to ensure that Odo will remain. However, convincing the Founders to keep the peace with the Alpha Quadrant (and perhaps the Dominon's other neighbors as well) and convincing them to reshape the Dominion are two very different animals. Given the slow methodical nature of the Changelings, it will likely take him centuries of hard work to reshape the Dominion. Perhaps in time others of the Hundred will return with positive experiences amongst the solids and aid his cause.

Lateralus March 4 2009 12:04 AM

Re: Odo: King of the Dough-Boys
...what the hell are Dough Boys? :confused:

Navaros March 4 2009 12:05 AM

Re: Odo: King of the Dough-Boys
I disagree that Odo was King for 10 years. I think The Great Link would have overthrown him in about a day.

Gary Mitchell March 4 2009 12:48 AM

Re: Odo: King of the Dough-Boys

Lateralus wrote: (Post 2673464)
...what the hell are Dough Boys? :confused: :techman:

kissthestar March 5 2009 01:45 AM

Re: Odo: King of the Dough-Boys
More like Playdoh boys!

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