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TheMasterOfOrion January 10 2009 10:00 AM

NASA Needs Wil Wheaton!
from nasawatch:


Editor's note: Remember when I said that "NASA needs Kirk not Scotty" the other day? Well I was wrong. NASA needs Wesley.

The other day many of the NASA Gen Y crowd were furiously tweeting and retweeting a link via Twitter that points to yet another Administrator poll/petition site. At first, although skewed by their preferences, it seemed to at least have some of the right names on it (even if I was deemed more qualified than Wes Huntress for a few days). Then yesterday it turned into yet another example of Internet narcissism by deluge of followers of the guy who runs Bad Astronomy blog. Alas, my "followers" were weak by comparison. I am clearly not worthy. Oh well. Here is a chance to boost Wil Wheaton's post-Star Trek career (he is currently Number 2). He actually has some interesting things to say. Give him your support. Maybe he can fix NOMAD.

P.S. Although Mike Griffin is leaving NASA, you can still be one of the 3,000 people (real and imaginary) who supported his quest to stay on the job. The current tally is 2,919, so time is running out if you want to be part of that elite group of 3,000. The most popular Griffin supporter name thus far is "Anonymous". In addition, "Frank Poole" (the movie astronaut killed by HAL 9000) and "Harry Stamper" (Bruce Willis in "Armageddon") are still unwavering in their support of Mike as well.

fennrysha January 10 2009 03:32 PM

Re: NASA Needs Wil Wheaton!
Sorry. Phil Plait got my vote!

Mike Okuda January 10 2009 05:51 PM

Re: NASA Needs Wil Wheaton!
Just got an e-mail from Wil, who says he voted for Phil, too!

ncc74302 January 10 2009 07:10 PM

Re: NASA Needs Wil Wheaton!
I dunno, I think maybe we should vote for Mike. Then he can push the building of GNDN spacecraft - Goes Nowhere and Does Nothing. He can also open up that Yodeldine spacecraft building facilty.

Neopeius January 13 2009 09:34 PM

Re: NASA Needs Wil Wheaton!

ncc74302 wrote: (Post 2487966)
He can also open up that Yodeldine spacecraft building facilty.

Isn't that Yoyodyne? The future begins tomorrow...

Meredith January 14 2009 02:41 AM

Re: NASA Needs Wil Wheaton!
I voted for Peter Griffin.

Squiggy January 14 2009 02:52 AM

Re: NASA Needs Wil Wheaton!
If any of you watch NASA TV, Mike Griffin will be giving what could be his last NASA Update this Friday at 11 AM Eastern.

Alpha_Geek January 14 2009 02:45 PM

Re: NASA Needs Wil Wheaton!
NASA doesn't need Wesley Crusher until they have a spacecraft with a torpedo tube to launch him out of.

Alpha_Geek January 14 2009 02:49 PM

Re: NASA Needs Wil Wheaton!
Squiggy, I'll probably watch. I don't think the Obamanation will be re-upping Griffin. Currently it sounds like the transition team is favoring some earth science dude, which will transition NASA to NAD(irt)A. :(

UPDATE: Nope the Earth sciences guy didn't get the nod. Obama has selected a fighter pilot:

Squiggy January 21 2009 03:49 PM

Re: NASA Needs Wil Wheaton!
An email has just been sent out saying that Chris Scolese is acting Administrator and Mike's resignation has been in effect since noon yesterday since he had not heard back to the contrary.

Alpha_Geek January 21 2009 04:14 PM

Re: NASA Needs Wil Wheaton!
Squiggy, thanks for the update. I did notice the *acting* in there. Is that typical procedure for the guy that gets the office, or is he a placeholder till Obama picks his winner?



Squiggy January 21 2009 06:21 PM

Re: NASA Needs Wil Wheaton!
Placeholder. There haven't been any confirmation hearing nor an official announcement from the administration regarding NASA's administrator so the new person - whoever that may be - can't serve in any capacity.

Oh, and Chris Scolese is NASA's Head Engineer and a genuinely good guy.

Squiggy January 26 2009 08:35 PM

Re: NASA Needs Wil Wheaton!
Hot off the presses:

Obama Administration Names Interim NASA Leadership

The Obama Administration has announced several interim leadership changes for NASA, which are effective immediately.

Christopher Scolese, NASA's associate administrator, will serve as acting administrator until a successor to Michael Griffin has been nominated by the President and confirmed by the U.S. Senate.

Ronald Spoehel, NASA's chief financial officer and a political appointee from the previous Administration, has been asked to continue in his present position.

Several other posts usually held by political appointees will have acting leaders until the positions are filled by the Administration.

Mary D. Kerwin, deputy assistant administrator for the Office of Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs, will serve as acting chief of the Office of Strategic Communications and the acting assistant administrator for the Office of Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs.

Robert Jacobs, deputy assistant administrator for the Office of Public Affairs, will serve as the office's acting assistant administrator.

Kristen Erickson, deputy director of the Communications Planning Division of the Office of Strategic Communications, will serve as the acting division director.

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