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Mach5 December 19 2008 07:47 PM

Why do *dudes* think Trip has charisma?
We already know that galls like him (and consider him 'charismatic,' among other things). But what about dudes? Why do *dudes* like this guy so much? What is dudes' take on Trip and his charisma? (Chicks' opinions also welcome).

Ward Fowler December 19 2008 07:49 PM

Re: Why do *dudes* think Trip has charisma?
It probably has something to do with the Archer character being so bland. Trip came off pretty well in comparison.

JiNX-01 December 19 2008 08:39 PM

Re: Why do *dudes* think Trip has charisma?
Well, being one of Trip/Connor's gall fans (also known as GAL), I don't actually know, but I'd guess that it's because he's relaxed, friendly, down to earth with a sense of humor. He's the kind of guy other guys like to hang out with, drinking beer and playing video games or shooting pool.

commodore64 December 19 2008 08:42 PM

Re: Why do *dudes* think Trip has charisma?
Mach5, I won't comment about Trip since I'm a chick, but ... good to see the thread. I'll be reading with interest. Oh dang, I can't help but comment: I think guys see themselves in Trip and I think that was the intention with the character. He's the *dude* next door.

adamczar December 23 2008 03:25 PM

Re: Why do *dudes* think Trip has charisma?
He seemed like a smart, easy going guy who you could sit down and have a beer (or a pecan pie) with.

SFRabid December 23 2008 04:20 PM

Re: Why do *dudes* think Trip has charisma?
On the show he comes across as the friend you can count on to help when the car will not start, that shows up at your house with a 6-pack for that game rather than drinking all your beer, and is the first to fix you up someone after your divorce. I think it is his use of expressions and posture in his performance of the character. He can play "concerned" without being a whimp.

Middleman December 24 2008 08:09 PM

Re: Why do *dudes* think Trip has charisma?
One can easily say "he's a man's man". A guy you can respect.

rhodeschroma December 26 2008 07:05 AM

Re: Why do *dudes* think Trip has charisma?
As Middleman said: Trip just seems like an every-man's man.

He'd be fun to talk to about the ladies or season/player stats while grillin' before the game. He'd be the first one to ask if you want a cold one. He doesn't seem to be a jerk, doesn't talk behind his friend's back, and has his friend's best interest at heart. And he seems to be the kind of guy you could count on if you needed him to bail you out of jail at 3 in the morning for disorderly conduct (though I don't know this one for a fact.)

I just wouldn't let him drive my car unless I wanted a dent or two on it when he gave it back.

milo bloom December 27 2008 03:10 AM

Re: Why do *dudes* think Trip has charisma?
Most of what I feel has already been said, but I wanted to add that I saw Connor at a convention a couple of years ago (after ENT was cancelled) and even in his condition (which appeared to be a combination of jet lag and hangover), he was warm, charming, friendly, totally man-crush-worthy. By comparison, at the same con we also saw Shatner, Nimoy, Robert Picardo, Ethan Phillips and John deLancie. Robert Picardo was probably the closest to Trinnear in overall friendliness (and before I get flamed, Nimoy was in another league altogether now, just so intelligent and classy).

I guess I'd have to say that some of that charisma just came right through the camera, which is really a credit to him as an actor because I remember Bakula doing some powerful stuff back in his Quantam Leap days, and his turn as Jonathon Archer was a bit disappointing in that regard.

borgboy January 2 2009 01:43 AM

Re: Why do *dudes* think Trip has charisma?
Trip does come off as a real likable guy.
But I have to admit this "dude" thinks Trip is pretty hot.

rhodeschroma January 3 2009 05:36 PM

Re: Why do *dudes* think Trip has charisma?
I know this is OT (i'll try and bring it around at the end, but it's a stretch) because we're talking about dudes - and I already gave my thoughts, but last night, my wife and I watched Enterprise. She's Japanese, and not a native English speaker (she's 30, been speaking English for 4 years), so a lot of the technospeak, and the general space mission theme kinda puts her off (obviously not just ENT, but any Sci-Fi.)

BUT Trip, that's another story. She relates to him, and not because of looks or charisma, but because he apparently did an ad campaign in Japan where he was dubbed "Mr. Wonderful" - a man with ultra-polite smoking habits toward non-smokers, and had a series of dreamlike moments as he enjoyed his cigarette (so she explained, and I subsequently looked up.) Japan Tobacco used him repeatedly for multiple campaigns from '98 to 01 and apparently considered him up there with Joe Camel and the Marlboro Man.

I just found it very cool (and certainly round-about) that she found an interest in a Trek character from an ad she remembered from 10 years ago. Plus, This is coming from a (wonderful) woman, but someone to whom three Star Trek Captians are all "William Shatner" (Kirk and Archer (EVERY time), and how this works out, Picard too... The Shatner thing is really very funny to our friends - she's quite insistent... But, regardless, she loves seeing Trip, and ENT is the only Sci-Fi she'll watch with me (good choice.)

I wonder if Japanese dudes, who after seeing Connor in such a successful ad campaign, brought any of that interest over to the character of Trip or to the show. I know it's a stretch... a big stretch, but I tried, and failed most definitely, to wrap it into the OP :-)

(There's a pic of Connor as Mr. Wonderful on his and a few other websites - it's the one of him holding the photo frame, dressed in a bowler hat and black jacket and tie.)

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