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TrekToday December 19 2008 12:28 AM

The 'Star Trek XI' Widget
For fans who are eager to see the latest features on the <i>Star Trek XI</i> official site while on Facebook or looking at blog entries, the <i>Star Trek Widget</i> will come in handy.<p><IMG SRC="" WIDTH="200" HEIGHT="150" ALIGN="RIGHT" BORDER="0"><p>As reported by <A class="link" HREF="">Star Trek Widget</A>, a global <i>Star Trek XI</i> widget was launched today. The widget contains downloads, trailers and other items of interest to fans. It's like having a mini official site on your blog or other type of social network.<p>Fans can play the trailer, download wallpapers and see various photos, ranging from the USS Kelvin, to Nero the Romulan, to Enterprise crewmembers by "grabbing" the widget. One can select one of six different black and white skins for the widget. In the picture above, <font color=yellow>Zachary Quinto</font> as Spock is shown. Once a skin is selected, then a click of a button leads to the social network of one's choice and the Widget can be added to that network.<p>The Widget will be updated with new features and more content as the <i>Star Trek XI</i> movie release approaches and by having the Widget on a blog or social network such as Facebook, Myspace or Friendster, it will be easy and convenient to remember to check in often for updates on the official site or to see if new features have been added.<center></center>

Gary Mitchell December 19 2008 12:53 AM

Re: The 'Star Trek XI' Widget
Zachary Quinto looks a lot different in that picture above than he does on Heroes.

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