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Nerys Ghemor December 15 2008 01:16 AM

From a "Parallels" universe...Ensign Mendral
Sorry for putting this in another thread, but I thought it belonged in the Trek Art forum as well.

This is Ensign Hirhul Mendral, helmsman of the Enterprise-D in one of the parallel universes seen in the episode "Parallels." The only shot I have of the actual guy is very blurry (see here), so I had to take a lot of liberties with the drawing.

As to the clothing...well, it'll make sense if you read "Captives' Ransom" over at the Fanfic forum. :rommie:

It's not perfect, but I really enjoyed drawing his clothes, because that's an area where I'm really needing to make improvements. I actually had to stand in front of the mirror wearing a scarf...and let me tell you, trying to get the blame thing to actually fall right for the purposes of this drawing wasn't easy. The coat, BTW, is actually one that I own.

Jefferies December 15 2008 05:53 PM

Re: From a "Parallels" universe...Ensign Mendral
Intresting concept. I always wondered what a Cardassian in Starfleet would look like. Have you ever drawn him in a modern uniform? If you did, did you include the trademark enlarged octagon shaped collar that their textile clothing has to accomadate their neck?

Nerys Ghemor December 15 2008 11:58 PM

Re: From a "Parallels" universe...Ensign Mendral
I haven't drawn that yet...I may do it sometime, but that particular story came from a time before the FC uniform. I have no idea if Mendral will still be posted to the Enterprise by that point in that timeline...or if they'd even end up having the same progression of uniform design.

Given the textured material in the new uniform, I do think it would present an interesting challenge--it would be MUCH easier for it to end up looking stupid than the one he was wearing in that TNG screenshot. Even bigger problem given that now it's the collar that denotes the department instead of color on the chest!

(Interestingly, in the story...the scarf Mendral is wearing is occasioned by the fact that he couldn't wear a turtleneck!)

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