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TrekToday November 30 2008 08:27 PM

New 'Star Trek Online" Interview
<i>Star Trek Online</i> the massive multiplayer role-playing game is due to release in 2009, but details and photos have been coming out bit by bit.<p><IMG SRC="" WIDTH="250" HEIGHT="150" ALIGN="RIGHT" BORDER="0"><p>As reported by <A class="link" HREF=""></A>, details of <i>Star Trek XI</i> and how the game will work was explained to fans by <font color=yellow>Craig Zinkievich</font>, executive producer of Cryptic Studios. In addition, several images from the MMOPG were posted.<p>Zinkievich explained that the <i>Star Trek</i> universe was "an obvious choice for an MMO. It has a incredibly deep, rich history with forty years of fantastic stories to draw upon, and one of the most vocal and loyal fanbases of any intellectual property."<p>According to Zinkievich, the game begins in 2409, about thirty years after the events in <i>Star Trek: Nemesis</i>. "In that time," explained Zinkievich, "technology has advanced; the Klingon Empire and the Federation are no longer allies and the universe is a much more volatile place." For the history prior to 2409, the story of what happened in the <i>Star Trek</i> universe will be made available online by going to the <i>Star Trek Online</i> <A class="link" HREF="">website</A>.<p>Some of the actors from the <i>Star Trek</i> films may do some voice work, but "In 2409, most of the major characters have retired or moved on," said Zinkievich. "We're exploring ways to involve some of the actors from the films and series in the game, but they might not be playing 'their' characters."<p>To read more, head to the article located <A class="link" HREF="">here</A>. To see the other photos, click on the link located <A class="link" HREF="">here</A>.<center></center>

T J November 30 2008 11:04 PM

Re: New 'Star Trek Online" Interview
It probably won't be released till 2409...:o

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