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Pegasus November 20 2008 09:57 PM

Romuln Warbird Spectualtion
Though never saw it on screen the Drone ship was supposedly an adapted warbird. But what does the normal warbird look like?
First lets look at the Drone ship:

Let's logically assume the green fins, and holographic pins are the modifications that leaves the black shape below as the main body of the warbird. What do you think? i know the drone ship was a reuse of the Flea ship from Voyager but it's the only thing we have. their must have been at least a proto-warbird class in the 22nd century.

Mach5 November 20 2008 10:19 PM

Re: Romuln Warbird Spectualtion
ENT 2x03 - "Minefield"

Pegasus November 21 2008 02:01 PM

Re: Romuln Warbird Spectualtion
They were early Birds Of Prey.

ChristopherPike November 21 2008 07:13 PM

Re: Romuln Warbird Spectualtion
My take on it is - the ships from Minefield don't have cloaking technology, just the same kind of holo/stealth technology seen later in Babel One. Another thought following on from that theory is, that Bird of Prey design doesn't even need to exist beyond the drawing board, or a failed prototype. The Romulans can deceive neighbouring races with an armada of drone ships, all projecting false images of a far more advanced design.

Alidar Jarok November 21 2008 09:32 PM

Re: Romuln Warbird Spectualtion
I'm trying to remember what the exact line was in Babel One. Since the shipdidn't seem to be very Warbird-like, I wonder if it was just something like the engine was from a Warbird.

Chemahkuu November 21 2008 09:58 PM

Re: Romuln Warbird Spectualtion

ChristopherPike wrote: (Post 2320651)
My take on it is - the ships from Minefield don't have cloaking technology.

Umm, the first time we see them is when two of them decloak directly in front of the Enterprise.

Lyon_Wonder November 22 2008 08:06 AM

Re: Romuln Warbird Spectualtion
I assumed that the drone warbird was an older class of ship modified for the drone role, and that the ENT "Minefield" warbird was newer, since it's design is similar to Romulan warships in the TOS era. The Romulans probably thought that modifying a ship of the same class as in "Minefield" as a waste of resources. I don’t think the Rommies would risk having their newest, most advanced warbirds falling into the hands of Vulcan, Earth, Andoria or any of the other species. If the Rommies were successful with their drone program and figured a way to remotely control ships themselves without needing a telepathic Andorian, they could probably come up with a simpler design that doesn't have any interiors for a crew whatsoever. Such a ship only needs enough room for the warp core, impulse drive, weapons and holoprojectors. Of course, as previously suggested, the drone ships could have been prototypes of a class of warbird that did not see widespread use and only several built. Or maybe the “Minefield” warbird is a new class and only a handful were in service at the time of ENT, while the drone warbird class was the numerous type

ChristopherPike November 22 2008 12:51 PM

Re: Romuln Warbird Spectualtion

Chemahkuu wrote: (Post 2321433)
Umm, the first time we see them is when two of them decloak directly in front of the Enterprise.

True but several times during the Season 4 arc, the drone ship switches between being transparent and mimicking various designs - Andorian, Tellarite, Rigellian, Starfleet. I suppose it really depends on your definition of cloak. If the holographic emitters switch to projecting the surrounding stars, what exactly would that be?

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