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TrekToday November 19 2008 04:51 AM

Star Trek News Bullets
<ul><li><A class="link" HREF="">CBS</A> reports that <font color=yellow>William Shatner</font> has signed up to participate in <i>Million Dollar Password</i>, the updated version of the classic television game. Shatner will appear with <font color=yellow>Aisha Tyler</font> (<i>CSI</i>, <i>Ghost Whisperer</i>) as one of the celebrity contestants, who along with the regular contestants, will try to win up to a million dollars. <i>Million Dollar Password</i> will air Sunday, December 21st on CBS.<p><li><font color=yellow>George Takei</font> has joined the British reality show <i>I'm a Celebrity</i> according to <A class="link" HREF="">The Sun</A>. Takei is roughing it in an Australian jungle where a group of stars will live, earning their food by doing a series of challenging tasks. The seventy-one-year-old actor isn't worried about the challenge, saying, "I'm physically fit. I used to run marathons, now I workout every day. I'm Japanese and love sushi. I've even eaten live fish. It was delicious." <p><li><A class="link" HREF="">WorldScree</A> reports that <i>Star Trek: The Next Generation's</i> <font color=yellow>LeVar Burton</font> will be appearing in <i>Taken in Broad Daylight</i>, which will appear on the Lifetime Movie Network early next year. <i>Taken in Broad Daylight</i> chronicles the real-life abduction of <font color=yellow>Anne Sluti</font> and the ensuing nationwide manhunt by the FBI that followed the kidnapping.<p><li>According to the <A class="link" HREF="">Hollywood Reporter</A>, <font color=yellow>Zoe Saldana</font> (Uhura) will join an ensemble cast in <i>Burning Palms</i>, which began principal photography recently. <i>Burning Palms</i>, written and directed by <font color=yellow>Christopher Landon</font>, will be a "satire of Angeleno stereotypes as told through five interlacing stories." In addition to Saldana, <font color=yellow>Tom Wright</font>, who appeared in <i>Voyager</i> as Tuvix, will also be appearing in the film, which will release some time next year.<p><li><A class="link" HREF="">Blogcritics Magazine</A> reports that <font color=yellow>Michelle Forbes</font> (Ro Laren) will be appearing on the second season of the Canadian television drama series <i>Durham County</i>. <i>Durham County</i> stars <font color=yellow>Hugh Dillon</font> as Mike Sweeney, a homicide detective who moves his family to suburban Durham County from Toronto after his partner is killed and his wife is diagnosed with breast cancer. But things arenít tranquil in this slice of suburbia. <p><li>According to <A class="link" HREF=""></A>, <font color=yellow>Catherine Hicks</font> (<i>Star Trek IV</i>: Dr. Gillian Taylor) and her husband <font color=yellow>Kevin Yagher</font>, who became the proud parents of a daughter, Gemma, on October 28th. Gemma has an older sister Catie, born in 1992. Hicks and Yagher, Philadelphia Phillies fans, had hoped to attend the fifth and final game of the World Series, which had been postponed in the sixth inning several days earlier and rescheduled for the 29th, but with the birth of Gemma on the 28th, they had to settle for watching the game from the hospital. Happily for the couple, the Phillies won the World Series.<p></ul><center></center>

Tulin November 19 2008 06:33 AM

Re: Star Trek News Bullets
I checked IMDB and Catherine Hicks is 57!!!


Always thought she was SO incredibly attractive - not in the fake boobs and looby lips Jeri Ryan way but in the natural graceful beauty and seemingly beautiful person way.

Good for her and her husband!!!

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