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TrekToday November 10 2008 10:56 PM

Star Trek News Bullets
<ul><li><A class="link" HREF="">Trekweb</A> reports that two new <i>Star Trek XI</i> teaser posters have been released. One of the black-and-white posters features <font color=yellow>Chris Pine</font> as James T. Kirk. The other features <font color=yellow>Zachary Quinto</font> as Mr. Spock. <p><li><A class="link" HREF="">The Digital Bits</A> is reporting that a Blue-Ray Disc box set of all of the original series-based <i>Star Trek</i> films may be in the works for next year. <i>Star Trek : Generations</i> may or may not be included, as it features some of the characters from the original series. It is possible that the release will coincide with the <i>Star Trek XI</i> theatrical release.<p><li><A class="link" HREF=" ml">E!Online</A> reports that actor <font color=yellow>James Cromwell</font> (Dr. Zefram Cochrane) broke his collarbone recently after crashing on his bicycle. Cromwell, an avid cyclist, was racing down a Los Angeles-area canyon road near his residence when he lost control and fell, injuring himself.<p></ul><center></center>

George Steinbrenner November 11 2008 03:26 AM

Re: Star Trek News Bullets
One question: Thedigitalbits claims that any Blu-Ray release of TMP would be the theatrical version, because the FX for the extended cut were done in 480p (standard def). But couldn't they just re-render the existing digital files at higher resolution? They wouldn't have to do the effects over again, just re-render the existing ones.

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