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BorgMan October 23 2008 02:03 PM

Hayden class scout
The design is practically finished, but I thought it would be cool to post it in here as well :)

The Haydens, under the direct supervision of Starfleet's Centre for Stellar Cartagrophy, or SCē, usually venture off of known shipping lanes, tend to avoid making first contacts as much as possible (leaving that sort diplomatic tasks to a ship of the line), and are fast. Their sensor-packed pods are directly connected to the nacelles and as a result feed off of them, making them very powerful. The ships are not unarmed but if they ever find themselves in a fight their main rescue is their sheer speed. They are slightly faster than an Intrepid class, but use a Defiance line core to gain that speed, which also brings some of its negative aspects with it. The pods also create a considerable subspace drag but Starfleet Command found the design elegant and small enough to justify this.

Outside of the shipping lanes things can get a little rough, though, especially when there are people operating there who don't want others to know what they're up to, like the Orion Syndicate. To counter that threat, Haydens have the latest ablative armor generators installed, deploying a 3cm thick shell when needed; this has helped in more than one occasion to get a Hayden out of trouble and back to the relative safety of a space station or friendly territory. Data collection is the most important task these ships have and they intend to return that precious data back to the Federation; they return to a data station, where they transfer off the collected data and where it gets transmitted using a highly encrypted subspace link. The ships themselves don't have the capability to send such a message as it would make them even more valuable for enemies of the Federation than they already are...
It is rumored that Section 31 uses an adapted version of the Hayden, complete with a cloaking device, but this hasn't been confirmed. During a crossover to an alternative universe it was discovered that this version of the Terran Empire used an almost similar design with a similar name; however, it was used for spying on the subjects of the Empire instead of the nobler cause our own Hayden supports.

In this recorded image, the USS Hayden has encountered an old and abandoned Leopard class frigate, without a name or registry number...

sojourner October 23 2008 04:29 PM

Re: Hayden class scout
Very cool. Do I detect some influence from that test ship in SOTL 2009? Mind if I ask what software you model in?

BorgMan October 23 2008 05:03 PM

Re: Hayden class scout
Test ship? I suppose you're referring to Clawhammer's slipstream ship, right? In that case, no, I've started this design over a year ago so every similarity is coincidal...

I use SketchUp 5 to model, and after that I export it to Kerkythea for the lights and textures :)

Wingsley October 23 2008 06:00 PM

Re: Hayden class scout
I see you have a hangar between the nacelles. Would the feeds from the warp core be forward of the hangar in order to connect the nacelles to the warp core, or does this class of vessel have an entirely different arrangement?

BorgMan October 23 2008 06:25 PM

Re: Hayden class scout
You are correct, the PTC's are in front of the shuttlebay. Main engineering is directly behind the shuttlebay, with the reactor itself being turned on it's side 90 degrees so that the matter and anti-matter comes in via the side, and the PTC's exit from the bottom and top.

I'm a bit shocked, though, as I'm sure I made a start with Main Engineering but I can't find it anywhere anymore :(

[EDIT] Ah, here it is! As you can see, the back of main engineering and of the shuttlebay are back to back. I'm looking at the possibility of adding a wall in between htem, as this would protect main engineering from a crashing shuttle

Captain Intrepid October 24 2008 01:16 AM

Re: Hayden class scout
Intriguing! At first glance I though Gah! That's ugly as shit! but now as I examine it a bit more, I'm really starting to really like the design. It's imposing, unconventional for Trek, and looks really damned fast. :techman:

seccion31 October 24 2008 06:39 AM

Re: Hayden class scout
Hello, !

I'm new in this forum (sorry for my english), and you (borgman) and your design are the guilty. ; )

Your ship it's very beatiful. Congratulations. (spanish: enhorabuena, has hecho un buen trabajo, original y sorprendente, mezclando y conjuntando muy bien diferentes elementos).

Eh... now... I have a web site dedicated to make vectorial startrek blueprints (with corel draw), and I would make a blueprint of your ship. I'll need diferent viewpoints of your hayden class... etc.... (my next update of my site would be with your ship).
Please contact with me, and give an answer.

thanks for your att.


(please not take this line as spam)
Note: you can visit my site for review my work, (in my profile).

Unicron October 24 2008 07:09 AM

Re: Hayden class scout
I'm a little confused by your description. Why would the sensor platforms "feed off" of the nacelles? Wouldn't they essentially be two separate systems?

BorgMan October 24 2008 10:20 AM

Re: Hayden class scout
Captain Intrepid, I'm glad you like it :)

Seccion 31, I have got no problem with that. The usual credit stuff would be enough :)

The renders aren't all spaced out to eachother, and as far as I can see not to scale either. Sorry for that... Just as long as you remember that this ship is very small: it's got only six decks, and that included the bridge...

Undead, what I meant to say was that the pods feed off of the PTC's that run from the core to the nacelles. In essence, the core delivers more power than the nacelles can handle. In that light, the pods feed off of the PTC directly, thus balancing the amountof power the warp coils have to handle by usingthis high energetic stream to power several sensors. I like to see this as an overclocked pod, versus a standard, say, Nebula pod. They get more energy than usual, and by doing this the sensors can operate at higher efficiencies. If needed, they canbe boosted even further, but this would burn out some sensor packages on the long run, like a CPU would live shorter if you standard hav it 500 to 1000MHz overclocked. I'm in no way a Trek expert, but I kind of like it this way ^_^

Wingsley October 24 2008 08:38 PM

Re: Hayden class scout
Any idea on the size of the crew?

By the number of escape pods on the underside, it must be small...

Rally_man October 24 2008 08:55 PM

Re: Hayden class scout
I really like it, but I think the impulse engines are too big, or are those read glowy things not impulse engines?

BorgMan October 24 2008 10:24 PM

Re: Hayden class scout
It's a small crew yeah, I thought it was 30 or so...

I know the impulse engines are big, but that eh [treknobabble] has got something to do with the hyper impulse package [/treknobabble] ;) I have someone who makes my treknobabble and he said that the big impulse engines are good :p

Unicron October 25 2008 03:40 AM

Re: Hayden class scout
Ah, okay. That makes more sense. :) I will admit I'm a little mixed on the pods, because the ship doesn't look as good from the front view (IMO).

Plecostomus October 25 2008 03:58 AM

Re: Hayden class scout

BorgMan wrote: (Post 2216303)
It's a small crew yeah, I thought it was 30 or so...

I know the impulse engines are big, but that eh [treknobabble] has got something to do with the hyper impulse package [/treknobabble] ;) I have someone who makes my treknobabble and he said that the big impulse engines are good :p

That would be me. You still have the technbabble I wrote about engines? I think it's on the other laptop if you need it again.

More or less Starfleet developed a way around the relativistic issues with this class. I don't remember the babble off my head but this class can cruise at a speed leaves nearly everything else dealing with relativity and its effects

The warp core while being a matter-antimatter reactor operates on a specialized rapid response "minimal-inventory" load curve, responding to rapid changes in power demand rather than storing a reserve for load changes. IMHO this would make the reactor safer as there isn't a massive charge of fuel to burn through in an emergancy and you can simply flick a switch and ZOMG the core is shut down. The impulse fusion reactors play a role in this novel power-generation scheme by being oversized, they don't just power the impulse engines, they are called upon to provide a surge in the even there is a dely in bringing the warp-core up to full output.

seccion31 October 25 2008 07:54 AM

Re: Hayden class scout

BorgMan wrote: (Post 2214225)
Seccion 31, I have got no problem with that. The usual credit stuff would be enough :)

Thks, Borgman.

Of course, you'll have the "usual credit" ;) as the original designer. I hope make a good job.

Best regards.

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