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joe911nc September 27 2008 07:34 AM

Star Trek Horizons
I would like to welcome everyone to visit the best RPG on the web. (ok, I'm slightly biased, I admit) Star Trek Horizons is an extremely active, play by message board RPG, with over 50,000 posts over the last two years.

Set 10 years after the return of the USS Voyager, the Federation has returned to it's primary mission, exploration.

Join the USS Rapture (Galaxy Class), the USS Hyperion (Akira class) and the crew of Deep Space 12 (Space dock Refit class II) as they explore the Danube Sector of the Beta Quadrant.

Boasting not only outstanding writers and roleplayers, Horizons also boasts some of the best graphics and avatar creators on the internet.

So, please, come help us seek out and find!

StolenThunder September 28 2008 07:53 PM

Re: Star Trek Horizons
I'd like to direct you to our Trek Gaming forum, where a dedicated thread exists for RPG recruitment.

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