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Top41 August 13 2008 02:10 AM

Reminder: Hotlinking, Large Image Posting and Original Content
This is a copy and paste of the general announcement since this has been a problem in Gen TV and Media lately:


Spaceman Spiff wrote: (Post 1937434)
Since the move to vBulletin, we've had an increase in people posting hotlinked images, so it's time for another reminder. Here's a recap of the board's rules regarding images.

Picture Size: Images are to be no larger than 640X480. We would also like you to bear in mind our users on dial-up and keep the image filesize as close to 70 KB as possible. Obviously, the image size rules are more relaxed in threads that have a warning in the title that there are large images, such as caption threads or member photo threads.

Hotlinking: You may only post pictures which are hosted by you. If you see a picture online and it doesn't violate that sites copyright restrictions, please save the image locally, then upload it to your photo hosting space on the Web (i.e. your own personal website, or a hosting service like flickr, ImageShack or Photobucket). Do not post a picture that is hosted on any other website or webspace that isn't yours (this is known as hotlinking).

Large or hotlinked images will be edited out of posts or turned into links, and users posting them may receive warnings.

cultcross November 7 2010 11:34 PM

Re: Reminder: Hotlinking and Large Image Posting
Further to the above, a reminder about starting threads about articles, images, videos, or any content from other websites.

It is fine to refer to other websites when starting threads, a lot of threads here and in SF&F stem from news releases or new trailers or pictures from films. It is not however fine to copy paste from them without adding anything of your own, hotlink their images, or just post a link. TrekBBS is not StumbleUpon or Digg, and there are also copyright concerns about reposting other peoples content verbatim.

Basically, the rule is this - if you post something from elsewhere, you need to add something of your own. It doesn't have to be an essay, but your thoughts or your opinion need to be in the post too.

Threads that offer nothing of their own are likely to be closed. If this behaviour becomes a habit, you may incur spamming infractions.

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