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Ethros August 9 2008 06:47 PM

Angel's standout episodes
Whenever there's an article or whatever on Buffy The Vampire Slayer, a lot of the time the show's standout episodes will get a mention. Now these may not be your favourite or all-time best, but they do standout from the crowd. The main "trilogy" would be-
Hush, The Body and Once More, With Feeling. And then you could maybe add other popular eps like Innocence, Passion, Becoming, Restless, The Gift, etc etc

But Angel on the other hand doesn't really seem to have as many "standout" eps as above. Don't get me wrong I lurve the show, but the only kinda "gimmicky" episode I can think of like Buffy's trilogy is Smile Time, which IMO is quite an overrated episode anyway

So I'll leave my views on the subject for later, but what for you would be the equivalent Angel episodes. Not necessarily your favourite, but ones that standout from the crowd a bit

Lindley August 9 2008 07:01 PM

Re: Angel's standout episodes
I always liked "The Trial". And anything heavily featuring Lindsey McDonald.

Warp Coil August 9 2008 07:04 PM

Re: Angel's standout episodes
I think the difference between Buffy and Angel is that, as the series went on, Angel became so serialized that individual episodes didn't stand out as much as the overall arcs. While there may have been less "gimmicky" episodes, there were plenty of important, powerful episodes. My personal favorites:

"I Will Remember You"
"Reprise" / "Ephiphany"
"Sleep Tight"
"Apocalypse Nowish"
"You're Welcome"
"Smile Time"
"A Hole in the World"
"Not Fade Away"

Ethros August 9 2008 07:07 PM

Re: Angel's standout episodes
You know looking at that pic above is kinda sad...

JonathonWally August 9 2008 07:12 PM

Re: Angel's standout episodes
Nevermind my post, you read your spoiler wrong.

Out Of My Vulcan Mind August 9 2008 07:13 PM

Re: Angel's standout episodes
"Not Fade Away", "You're Welcome", "Darla", "A Hole in the World", "Smile Time", "Lullaby", and "I Will Remember You" are the half-dozen or so standout episodes that come to mind. There would also be some from the fourth season, but that's hard to narrow down because the season is so serialized. I guess "Orpheus" and "Home" would be the two that stand out the most there.

Lindley August 9 2008 07:13 PM

Re: Angel's standout episodes

Warp Coil wrote: (Post 1927275)
"I Will Remember You"

That's a Buffy episode disguised with Angel's opening credits. The neat part is, you can tell the difference between the two shows early enough in Angel's run to realize that.

ialfan August 9 2008 07:27 PM

Re: Angel's standout episodes
I always liked "Eternity", "Blind Date", anything with Faith or Lindsey, "Reprise"/"Epiphany", "That Vision Thing", "Birthday", "Orpheus", "Destiny", "You're Welcome", "A Hole in the World"/"Shells", "Underneath", "Time Bomb", and "Power Play"/"Not Fade Away". Looking back through the episode list those are the ones that come to mind as standout and when I am feeling like watching Angel I will go to first.

Chemahkuu August 9 2008 08:36 PM

Re: Angel's standout episodes

Ethros wrote: (Post 1927284)
You know looking at that pic above is kinda sad...


So yeah more than that:(

Overall, "I Will Remember You" and "Hero" from season 1. "Smile Time", "A Hole in the World" and "Time Bomb" leading up to the finale.

The other seasons for me where a bit too arc based to really pick out a particular outstanding one. I love to watch for a continuing storyline more with Angel than popping in a stand alone with Buffy.

Ethros August 9 2008 08:55 PM

Re: Angel's standout episodes

Chemahkuu wrote: (Post 1927637)


Trubinator August 9 2008 08:57 PM

Re: Angel's standout episodes
I prefer any of the episodes where Angel is alone or dark and brooding. They tend to not include the rest of the cast as much and the show feels more mature. Oh, and any non-connor episode is a good episode!

blaXXer August 9 2008 09:04 PM

Re: Angel's standout episodes
Lvovin' the WR&H-centric episodes, 'specially when the gang takes over said enterprise.

Chemahkuu August 9 2008 09:21 PM

Re: Angel's standout episodes

Ethros wrote: (Post 1927693)

Chemahkuu wrote: (Post 1927637)


Ethros August 9 2008 09:57 PM

Re: Angel's standout episodes
^ Yeah that's happening now, and been explored more in Spike: After The Fall too (prequel to Angel: ATF) The first TPB of A:ATF is available now btw, #1-5 in a very nice hardcover book.

So back to the topic, as for standing out from crowd, I guess eps like Waiting In The Wings and Smile Time spring to mind.
But as for the main big standout awesome-o eps for me, well I love the arc plots and Wolfram & Hart shennagins episodes. Such great characters and villians (Lilah, Holtz, Lindsey, Darla, The Beast, etc)
Some of my big faves eps are...
s1- Five By Five, To Shanshu In LA
s2- Darla, Reunion/Redefintion, Reprise
s3- Lullaby, Sleep Tight, Benediction
s4- Apocalypse Nowish, Salvage
s5- You're Welcome, Hole in the World/Shells

And then of course my favourite episode bar none, Not Fade Away. Love every second of it.

I'm listening to the score soundtrack as I write this btw. "Darla's Sacrifice", used when she kills herself in the alley to reveal baby Connor, and Holtz slow-mo walks through the flames crossbow in hand.
God I love this show

btw, found this on Youtube, a possible new spinoff?-
Daniel Holtz in the 21st Century
Video starts a bit slow but stick with it, hilarious :lol:

JNG August 9 2008 10:19 PM

Re: Angel's standout episodes
The fourth and fifth season finales are probably what I remember most years down the line like this. Of "Angel," I think I can honestly say its bad episodes tended to come in short bursts instead of entire seasons (with a lot of them at least leading to something good), and so when I look back on it it feels like a more consistently watchable series than "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" does.

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