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Lookingglassman July 25 2008 03:53 AM

Anyone else sick of Miley Cyrus?
I am. She is annoying and not all that great. She is only where she is now because of her daddy. Nepotism made her a star, not any so called talent she thinks she has.

I remember the blow up about that sexually suggestive photo she took. Her and her daddy pretended to be outraged at it. C'mon losers, your daughter took off her clothes and draped a towel around her front and some person took a picture of her for a magazine. How can you be so SHOCKED when you knew what it was about to begin with?

Well anyway that is my rant. Miley Cyrus sucks, she is no new Madonna like the press is currently touting her as.

Captain Ryan July 25 2008 03:59 AM

Re: Anyone else sick of Miley Cyrus?
True, she is being interviewed on the news...Who cares? What can they ask a 14 year old that could even mildly interesst me? They are making her the next Britney Spears, which is not a good thing. All these kids who want their parents to pay $1000-$2000 bucks for a ticket to her shows...who cares? To answer the question, yes I am very tired of hearing about her, there is so many more interesting things to talk about on the news.:evil:

Jack Bauer July 25 2008 04:02 AM

Re: Anyone else sick of Miley Cyrus?
Not really. I don't hear all that much about her. Maybe you should consider changing what you watch if she bugs you so much.

sjsharksfan39 July 25 2008 04:03 AM

Re: Anyone else sick of Miley Cyrus?
I try not to care. It's come in handy lately, even though last week at the family camp I went to, we were doing Karaoke night and some little kids loved choosing Hannah Montana songs.

Captain Ryan July 25 2008 04:06 AM

Re: Anyone else sick of Miley Cyrus?
It isnt that she irritates me so much as it is that the news wasts 10-15 minutes talking about her, you know there is a war going on.;)

Admiral Buzzkill July 25 2008 04:25 AM

Re: Anyone else sick of Miley Cyrus?
Nope, I think she's cute, charming and talented. I wish her well, and hope that she avoids the kinds of personal disasters that a number of well-known young performers and/or celebrities have become known for in the last few years.

As for being where she is "because of her father" - well, right now she's a much bigger star than Billy Ray ever has been. :lol:

Agent Richard07 July 25 2008 06:06 AM

Re: Anyone else sick of Miley Cyrus?
I saw her face on a box of granola bars a couple of weeks ago. She's everywhere. :eek:

The Evil Dead July 25 2008 06:18 AM

Re: Anyone else sick of Miley Cyrus?
She really doesn't impact my day to day life in any way, other than occasionally seeing pictures of her and thinking she's hot for a teenager.

Jack Bauer July 25 2008 06:21 AM

Re: Anyone else sick of Miley Cyrus?
I wonder is someone has set up a countdown to her 18th birthday website like some did for Natalie Portman, the Olsen Twins and Hilary Duff already. It wouldn't surprise me if there's one out there now.

M'Sharak July 25 2008 06:22 AM

Re: Anyone else sick of Miley Cyrus?
The only reason I'm aware of her at all is because of threads like this.

Sick of Miley Cyrus? I barely even notice her.

J. Allen July 25 2008 06:26 AM

Re: Anyone else sick of Miley Cyrus?
I'm not sick of her. In fact, I hope she succeeds in life and does it the hard working way, instead of coasting on someone else's coattails. She's actually a rather well heeled young woman, and maybe, just maybe, she can be a positive image to young teen girls everywhere who, for some reason, have no real parental role models to follow.


Goji July 25 2008 08:16 AM

Re: Anyone else sick of Miley Cyrus?
My sister, who quickly becomes obsessed to an unhealthy degree with anything she likes, has been a fan of this person and her show since late last year. To say that I am sick of her (well, mostly her music) is a gross understatement. Even I'm starting to memorize the lyrics to the songs, I've heard them so many times. And that scares me.

Brolan July 25 2008 04:05 PM

Re: Anyone else sick of Miley Cyrus?
I didn't know who she was until she was singing on the Today show this morning. She didn't impress me one bit. But the teenaged girls were all swooning. Why over another girl?

FordSVT July 25 2008 05:02 PM

Re: Anyone else sick of Miley Cyrus?
^It's not a "teen hunk idol" attraction like Justin Timberlake or something, it's more like a "sister" thing. Or so it's been described to me. The girls look up to her for some reason.

I don't know how I could get sick of her when I almost never see her. Occasionally on an entertainment program while I'm flipping or the cover of a magazine while I'm in the check out line. I don't get when people say they're sick of X celebrity, if you don't read crap like People and don't watch shit like ET, and if you have the energy to actually change the cable news channel that's been stuck on all morning to avoid the five minute story on her once every month, you pretty much cover it.

Seriously, why do some of you seem to get inundated with celebrities you don't like? Maybe you watch too much TV?

Trekker4747 July 25 2008 05:32 PM

Re: Anyone else sick of Miley Cyrus?
Miley Cyrus? No. Miley Cyrus is beautiful, talented and spirited young woman.

Hannah Montana? Yes. Hannah Montana is a manufactured product with Miley Cyrus cast in the part. A product manufactured by the worst sides of Disney. Hannah lacks - "talent" and is little more than a flash-in-the-pan pop star.

Miley is a good role model for children and teens as she is unlike many other teen stars we've had in the past (Lindsay Lohan and Britteny Spears I'm looking at you) and her independent work (well, her work without the stigma of Hannah Montana) shows she's got real talent. If/when she sloths off the "product" of HM she should have a bright future ahead of her in the music field and maybe even the acting field.

Trekker, will be there on November 23, 2010 - although she'll be legal in much of the US this year.

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