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TrekToday June 15 2008 07:21 PM

Rod Roddenberry Unveils Plaque At Vulcan
<font color=yellow>Rod Roddenberry</font>, son of <font color=yellow>Gene Roddenberry</font>, is in Vulcan, Alberta, Canada this weekend to unveil a plaque to honor his father.<p>As reported by <A class="link" HREF=""></A>, Roddenberry was in attendance at the fifteenth year of the annual Vulcan celebration, which doubles the size of the small town of two thousand residents.<p>"It was beautiful," said Roddenberry. "It's a tasteful and classy thing they did. I appreciated the town of Vulcan for doing it. I very much appreciate this tribute to my father, who would be humbled by the continued popularity of Star Trek in big cities and small towns around the world." Roddenberry went on to add that, "I've never seen an entire town that has converted itself into a Star Trek universe. I'm shocked by it and I love it."<p>"Vulcan is proud to be coincidentally associated with the Star Trek phenomenon, said <font color=yellow>Dayna Dickens</font>, Vulcan tourism coordinator. "We are thrilled to host Eugene Roddenberry Jr. at this year's convention, and especially to have him unveil a memorial plaque dedicated to his father." Vulcan has been trying to get the producers of <i>Star Trek XI</i> to premiere the film in their town. <p>In addition to the unveiling of the plaque, events which took place were: a sky diving demonstration by "The Flying Trekkies", who landed on the main street of Vulcan dressed in <i>Star Trek</i> costumes; the official opening of a large collection of <i>Star Trek</i> memorabilia and collectibles donated to the town by <i>Star Trek</i> fan <font color=yellow>Albert Cave</font>; a <i>Star Trek</i> Intergalactic Fan Fiction Exhibition where <i>Star Trek</i> hobbies, artwork and fan fiction was shared with fellow fans; and an outdoor event stage featured Klingon karaoke and a <i>Star Trek</i> inspired fashion show. <p>To read more, head to the articles located <A class="link" HREF="">here</A> and <A class="link" HREF="">here</A>. The plaque can be seen by heading to the article located at <A class="link" HREF=""></A>.<center></center>

cubbie June 15 2008 10:24 PM

Re: Rod Roddenberry Unveils Plaque At Vulcan
The flying trekkies? :lol: Reminds me of the flying elvis' from Honeymoon in Vegas

Pioneer June 16 2008 03:59 AM

Re: Rod Roddenberry Unveils Plaque At Vulcan
And yet, the event wasn't canceled due to low attendance. They had over 2000 attendees and they're a little dinky Canadian town out in the middle of nowhere. But a big US city like Dallas Texas couldn't draw a crowd. :confused: Hey pardner, everything's bigger in TEXAS. Yep. Right. :rolleyes: I can smell the bullshit way up here in Pennsylvania.

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