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TrekToday June 13 2008 08:07 PM

A Matter of Perspective
<b>Plot Summary:</b> An orbiting space station explodes just after Commander Riker beams back to the Enterprise following a visit to Dr. Apgar, who was at the time the only other person at the facility. The planet's head of security, Krag, beams aboard the Enterprise to arrest Riker after the scientist's widow and assistant both accuse Riker of having threatened to destroy Apgar. Picard will not extradite Riker until he has seen evidence that a trial is warranted, so the holodeck is programmed with recreations of the events as described by Riker, Apgar's widow Manua, and Apgar's assistant Tayna. Riker tries to demonstrate that Manua made improper advances which in turn made Apgar jealous, but Manua's testimony suggests that it was Riker who propositioned her. Tayna's testimony suggests that Apgar feared for his life and work after threats from Riker. Troi says that each witness believes his or her own version of the truth. Meanwhile, the ship suffers from cyclical energy bursts that seem similar in nature to the energy blast directed at Apgar just as Riker beamed out, which Krag had concluded must have been a blast from Riker's phaser. LaForge discovers that Apgar had successfully produced experimental Krieger waves, but rather than reporting his success to Starfleet, Apgar was hoping to sell the technology as a weapon. Using another holographic simulation, LaForge demonstrates that Apgar tried to disintegrate Riker's body during beamout using the wave converter, but the transporter reflected back the beam and destroyed the station. Krag agrees that Apgar appears to have been responsible for his own death, and drops the charges against Riker.<p><p><HR ALIGN="CENTER" SIZE="1" WIDTH="45\%" COLOR="#007BB5"><p>To read the full reviews, please click <A HREF="">here</A>.<center></center>

Dream June 14 2008 03:10 AM

Re: A Matter of Perspective
Okay episode.

Pioneer June 15 2008 11:03 PM

Re: A Matter of Perspective
I liked this episode.

Krag explains that hearsay evidence is permissible under the laws of his planet.

Apgar was mostly protecting the knowledge of the completion of his experiment and his ability to profit from it as a weapon. He thought Riker threatened to cut off his funding. That Riker would figuratively cut off something else is only secondary. The "You're a dead man, Apgar. A dead man!" line was hilarious.

Jeordi's technobabble is necessary but I like technobabble. When it runs long like that, the producers/writers refer to it as "laying pipe". This term is actually used for all long descriptive narratives. It does tend to slow a story down, though.

I never got the impression that Jenice was intellectually inferior to Paul Manheim. He wasn't so much unhinged as suffering from time distortion effects. Of course he was the great scientist, not her, but that doesn't make her a dummy. Manua, on the other hand, did come across as a bit of a nitwit. This is unusual since people tend to marry those of roughly equivalent IQ, but not always.

Bottom line: I liked this episode, It was fun. And the review was thoughtful and well written.

Lilith June 16 2008 11:43 AM

Re: A Matter of Perspective
I found this episode pretty boring, mainly because you know from the get-go that Riker isn't actually guilty. I liked the science part though *g* and like MEG, I wish they'd used this episode to show a different use for Troi's abilities - but than I have that wish in just about every episode ;)

Norrin Radd June 17 2008 11:27 PM

Re: A Matter of Perspective
Hate this episode because to me it seems less like these characters "have a different perspective" and more like "someone is lying their ass off" (i.e. the widow).

T.Geiger June 18 2008 06:07 AM

Re: A Matter of Perspective
I've always thought this episode was a dud. The A plot gives three slightly different versions of a story that wasn't that interesting the first time and some aliens that are poorly written and obviously full of crap.

The B plot never becomes a credible threat to pick up the slack. A few walls melt, but nothing of any real or even implied consequence occurs. Even just a mild radiation burn slightly worse than being in the sun too long would have gone a long way towards establishing some credibility.

And the only decent character moment has nothing to do with either plot, or even the main character of the episode.

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