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TrekToday June 8 2008 12:19 AM

Tahir On Abrams And 'Star Trek XI'
The spirit of <i>Star Trek</i> is alive and well, courtesy of <font color=yellow>J.J. Abrams</font>, says <font color=yellow>Faran Tahir</font>.<p>As reported by <A class="link" HREF="">Comic Book Resources</A>, Tahir believes that <i>Star Trek XI</i> will have things to offer to established and new <i>Star Trek</i> fans. " [Star Trek XI] keeps the spirit of 'Star Trek' alive and yet has something new to offer," he said. "You know, you piece information together to give characters history or future in this case. [Abrams] has straddled both of those things, the conformations and the challenges at the same time and I think hes done a very smart job."<p>Speaking of Abrams, Tahir believes that he knows his stuff. "I think J.J., again like Jon [Favreau, director of 'Iron Man'], understands the genre well," said Tahir. "He also understands the fact that there are die-hard Trekkies out there that want things done right. He respects that and yet he also wants to challenge it. So certain things will be conformed and other things will be challenged."<p>Plus, <i>Start Trek XI</i> needs to appeal to a new generation of fans. "I also think that he [Abrams] understands that there is a whole generation out there that has not grown up with 'Star Trek," said Tahir. "All the shows are done and there hasn't been a movie in a while, so there is a nice gap in-between. I think he also wants to cater to that group so they can be introduced to this on they're own ground. So it's not like something their father, uncle or older brother told them about but it's something that they really discover on their own and get to own it themselves. He's created a very nice balance and the feel to the movie is something that I feel he has really gotten right."<p>A movie is only as good as its script and Tahir had praise for both <font color=yellow>Roberto Orci</font> and <font color=yellow>Alex Kurtzman</font>. "They really are great writers," said Tahir. "They really understand how to pull you into it. They know how to see that audience in the dark room and take them to a whole other reality. And that's what I like about the script. This 'Star Trek' will do that and you won't have that separation of fantasy and reality. You will be transported there and energized right onto the deck of the ship. So it's very well done."<p>To read more, head to the article located <A class="link" HREF="">here</A>.<center></center>

Pioneer June 8 2008 03:29 PM

Re: Tahir On Abrams And 'Star Trek XI'

Speaking of Abrams, Tahir believes that he knows his stuff. "I think J.J., again like Jon [Favreau, director of 'Iron Man'], understands the genre well," said Tahir.
Again, if ST-XI is only half as good as Ironman, it will be a great flick. Here's hoping.

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