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TrekToday May 18 2008 06:17 AM

Stewart Appearance On 'The View'
<font color=yellow>Patrick Stewart</font> appeared on <i>The View</i> recently, where he revealed to former co-star <font color=yellow>Whoopi Goldberg</font> that he had been intimidated by her. <p>As seen on <A class="link" HREF="">YouTube</A>, working with Goldberg was Stewart's first time working with an actress who had won a prestigious award. "To begin with, I was a little intimidated by her," Stewart explained. "Miss Goldberg here joined our show. I think I'm right, the same year that she won her Academy Award. And it was astonishing to me that an actress at the very peak of her career should, as I was told, ask, ask if she could appear on a syndicated science-fiction television show. And so I hadn't met any Academy Award winners before that, so I was a little intimidated. I loved doing those scenes with Whoopi. I wish she had appeared more often."<p>Asked if Professor Xavier would be returning in a future <i>X-Men</i> movie, Stewart replied, "Perhaps you didn't stay right to the end of the movie. A lot of people didn't. They rolled these interminable credits. Well there was one more scene after the credits and it was a suggestive scene. There was some way in which the professor is going to return."<p>Stewart also spoke about working with <font color=yellow>Sir Laurence Olivier</font>. Stewart began to lose his hair in his teens and began to wear a toupee, taking it to auditions with him. "I lost my hair when I was a teenager and it was awful and I thought most of my life, especially the fun part of my life which would be hanging out with women like you was over," explained Stewart. "So I had this wonderful toupee made and I used to wear it to auditions so that I could show myself as two actors for the price of one. With toupee, without toupee. And I auditioned for Sir Laurence Olivier wearing my toupee...I took it off and I did my second piece and afterwards he said, 'Do that again.' I said, 'You want to hear one of my pieces again?' 'No, no, no, no, no. Put it on and take it off again.' That's the only impression I made on him."<p>To see the video of Stewart's appearance on <i>The View</i>, go <A class="link" HREF="">here</A>.<center></center>

Pioneer May 18 2008 06:58 PM

Re: Stewart Appearance On 'The View'
Olivier only noticed the toupee? Ouch, baby!

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