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TrekToday April 23 2008 07:44 AM

Dochterman From Voyager To New Voyages
It was a natural step from drawing pictures of the Enterprise as a child to working on <i>Star Trek: Voyager</i> for <font color=yellow>Daren Dochterman</font>.<p>As reported by <A class="link" HREF="">Star Trek: Phase II</A>, Dochterman's interest in Trek began in 1970 or 1970 at the age of three or four, when he saw the original series in syndication at his grandfather's house. Several years later, he saw an ad for the animated series. "I saw the 'sneak preview' special one Friday night of the shows that were premiering the next Saturday morning," he explained, "and it included 'Star Trek' the animated show. This was exciting. I began to watch it every Saturday morning, and I was hooked."<p>Expressing himself through art, Dochterman drew pictures, including one of the Enterprise done when he was seven, a precursor to his interest in visual arts and digital graphics. "From an early age, I had been drawing," he explained. "I loved movies as I got older, so naturally I wanted to get into the movie business." Dochterman went out to Los Angeles where he attended the University of Southern California Film School. <p>Through friends from the film school, Dochterman began to get jobs. He was hired as a production assistant for the art department on <i>The Abyss</i>. He interviewed for <i>Star Trek: Deep Space Nine</i> but didn't work on <i>Star Trek</i> until <i>Star Trek: Voyager</i>. "I worked alongside Rich [Sternbach] as an illustrator for production designer Richard James on the pilot episode," said Dochterman. "I got to know all the Trek folks quite well by that time, and I began to also work on one of my first 3D models, one of the Voyager itself."<p>When <i>Star Trek: New Voyages</i> began, Dochterman heard about it through his friend <font color=yellow>Doug Drexler</font>. "I saw the first test episode, and it looked like people having a great time," said Dochterman. "I always felt that the spirit and the intent was very pure and good." He was surprised to hear from <font color=yellow>James Cawley</font> asking him to help <i>Phase II</i> (the new name for <i>New Voyages</i> get more of the original series feel and to help make it look like a fourth season would have looked, had it aired.<p>To read more, download the magazine located <A class="link" HREF="">here</A>.<center></center>

Pioneer April 24 2008 11:01 AM

Re: Dochterman From Voyager To New Voyages
Not. One. Comment. (Except this one.) If it isn't about ST-XI no one seems to be interested.

Oh, James Cawley may be "the man" in the fan films but as a bit player in a real move it's "stand back there and keep your pie hole shut, boy". Oy!

T'Bonz April 24 2008 05:55 PM

Re: Dochterman From Voyager To New Voyages
I know before I did the news, I rarely commented on any articles. I would read them, but most didn't need comments.

Pioneer April 25 2008 06:47 AM

Re: Dochterman From Voyager To New Voyages

T'Bonz wrote: (Post 1569275)
I know before I did the news, I rarely commented on any articles. I would read them, but most didn't need comments.

It's just that everyone seems to comment on the new movie whether it's old news or not. I was struck with the feeling that that's all anyone cares about around here. Which would be a shame. I didn't mean you, specifically, T'Bonz.

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