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TrekToday March 18 2008 10:39 PM

New 'Star Trek XI' Spy Photos
New pictures taken from the <i>Star Trek XI</i> set have appeared today, showing Starfleet cadets and a vehicle.<p>As reported by <A class="link" HREF="">Ain't It Cool News</A>, five new spy pictures have been taken while filming occurred at a California university.<IMG SRC="" WIDTH="150" HEIGHT="200" ALIGN="RIGHT" BORDER="0"><p>The photos appear to feature Star fleet cadets; both sexes dressed in red, with the women wearing mini-skirts. There are also men and women dressed in gray suits, with the women's skirts being knee-length.<p>One shot shows both a large blue screen and a futuristic transportation air vehicle, hatches open, complete with license plate attached to the back of the vehicle (details of which can mostly be seen in another shot.)<p> To see the photos, which can be enlarged and better scrutinized, head to the link located <A class="link" HREF="">here</A>.<center></center>

bryce March 19 2008 12:34 AM

Re: New 'Star Trek XI' Spy Photos
That futuristic car is actually a modern Aptera hybrid prototype:

So it's a 250 year-old design! LOL! Maybe it's a museum piece? Though doubtless it's will be a "future car" in the film...

Non Sync March 19 2008 04:23 AM

Re: New 'Star Trek XI' Spy Photos
And it is slated to start production in Oct of this year!

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