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TrekToday March 15 2008 01:55 AM

Trevino on 'Star Trek: Of Gods and Men Part Two'
Co-writer of 'Star Trek: Of Gods and Men' considers the movie to be an independent film, although he recognizes the contribution of the fans who helped in its creation.<p>As reported at <A class="link" HREF="">Trekweb</A>, <font color=yellow>Jack Trevino</font> brought a wealth of <i>Star Trek</i> experience along with him when he was tapped to write for <i>Of Gods and Men</i>.<p>"I...met Toni Marberry, a local TV producer [and] Donna Cromeans...About a year and a half later, we collaborated on several stories and after our second pitch, we sold 'Indiscretion' and 'Little Green Men'. The following year we sold a third story called, 'Quorum,' which regrettably went unproduced."<p>In part two of <i>Of Gods and Men</i>, fans will see an older and bitter Charlie Evans (Original series episode <i>Charlie X</i>) who has found the means to take revenge against the man he blames for returning him to his jailers, James T. Kirk. <font color=yellow>William Wellman, Jr.</font> plays the part of Charlie X. The original actor who played the part, <font color=yellow>Robert Walker, Jr.</font> was unavailable at the time of filming due to surgery.<p><i>Of Gods and Men</i> is filled with familiar <i>Star Trek</i> names, some who are playing the characters from the various <i>Star Trek</i> series, some playing new characters. They are as follows: <font color=yellow>Walter Koenig</font> (Chekov), <font color=yellow>Nichelle Nichols</font> (Uhura), <font color=yellow>Alan Ruck</font> (Captain Harriman), <font color=yellow>Tim Russ</font> (Tuvok), <font color=yellow>Garrett Wang</font> (Harry Kim), <font color=yellow>J.G. Hertzler</font> (Martok), <font color=yellow>Chase Masterson</font> (Leeta), <font color=yellow>Gary Graham</font> (Soval), <font color=yellow>Grace Lee Whitney</font> (Yeoman Rand), <font color=yellow>Ethan Phillips</font> (Neelix), <font color=yellow>Lawrence Montaigne</font> (Stonn) and <font color=yellow>Cirroc Lofton</font> (Jake Sisko).<p>Even if <i>Of Gods and Men</i> is a huge success, there won't be any sequels to it, says Trevino. "Originally, 'Of Gods and Men' was intended as a 40th anniversary tribute film. Unfortunately, we missed the fortieth, so we’ll have to settle on it being a one-time tribute film, honoring all the actors, writers, producers and crew of all the incarnations of Trek.<p>To read more, head to the link located <A class="link" HREF="">here</A>.<center></center>

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