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TrekToday March 11 2008 04:57 AM

Spiner And 'Dreamland'
In a recent interview with <i>BBC Radio 2</i> with <font color=yellow>Steve Wright</font>, <font color=yellow>Brent Spiner</font> explained how he got the idea for his new CD <i>Dreamland</i>. <p>As heard in the interview located at <A class="link" HREF="">Spiner's website</A>, the idea for <i>Dreamland</i> was the result of listening to the radio in his car. "It sort of evolved slowly," explained Spiner." I knew I wanted to do a CD, and I wanted to sing. I have a Prius car and I was listening to XM radio on my Prius and I was driving around and listening to radio shows; to '40s music, and to 'standards', and I heard this woman sing, Maude Maggart, who is a brilliant singer."<p>He was so impressed with <font color=yellow>Maude Maggart's</font> talents, that he gave her a co-starring role in the CD. <p>Spiner explained what <i>Dreamland</i> is all about. "I like to think of it sort of as an audio film," he said. "There's a story; there's music; there's special effects and we try to put you in this guy's shoes as he goes into this dream and into his journey of love."<p>"It just evolved into a love story," continued Spiner. "I wrote down a couple of hundred songs that I liked, then wrote down a script to try to read through them."<p><A class="link" HREF="">Indie Launchpad</A> has done a review of <i>Dreamland</i>. "I came upon this album by chance when following a link to a YouTube video, which promised music by Brent Spiner, better know as Data on Star Trek the Next Generation," said the reviewer. "I clicked on the link more out of idle curiosity, than as research for Indie Launchpad, but am really glad I did. Brent's voice also is a pleasant surprise, but hes more an actor that can sing, rather than a singer that can act." <p>The reviewer concluded that "[Dreamland is] a wonderful throwback to the radio days of old and a thoroughly enjoyable 50 minutes of entertainment."<p>To listen to the BBC interview, head to Spiner's website, located <A class="link" HREF="">here</A>. To read the interview of <i>Dreamland</i>, head <A class="link" HREF="">here</A>.<center></center>

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