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TrekToday March 8 2008 12:13 AM

'Star Trek' A Positive Factor In Nimoy's Life
<font color=yellow>Leonard Nimoy</font> believes that <i>Star Trek XI</i> will reinvigorate the <i>Star Trek</i> franchise.<p>As reported by the <A class="link" HREF=""></A>, the seventy-six year old actor retired five years ago to focus on his photography career. But he was tempted to don the Vulcan ears again by the <i>Star Trek XI</i> script and by <font color=yellow>J.J. Abrams</font>.<p>"[Abrams is] a really special guy with a wonderful script and a great production," said Nimoy. "He's the real deal. And I feel I owe it to 'Star Trek'. It's been a big, positive factor in my life." Nimoy went on to say that, "I do think this is a very serious chance for the entire franchise to become reinvigorated."<p>Nimoy is still pursuing his photography career. His <i>Full Body Project</i> has been on exhibit in a Northampton, Massachusetts gallery and the showing has been extended another month. His work in Los Angeles can be seen at the Louis Stern Fine Arts gallery in West Hollywood, California.<p>To read more, head to the link located <A class="link" HREF="">here</A>.<center></center>

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