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Outpost4 January 19 2008 12:55 PM

TOS Caption Contest #73 - Private Time
I don't have to tell any of you how great this caption contest was this week, and not because of my work. I'll let this thread be taken over by baby pictures anytime. :)

Our regular winners are Gertch and DS9Sega. Congratulations to both of you.


Gertch said:

Chekov: "Dats vhy ve don't run around corners in Russia. You never know vat might hit you in the Lenningrads."


DS9Sega said:
And within minutes, the gals had rewritten The Tholian Web so that a certain hammy Canadian someone would finally NOT have a chance to steal their lines and all the scenes.

And a special winner goes out to our prodigal son who scored a hat trick. He created the subject, the picture and the caption. Nice work, Joe.


Shatmandu said:

Miranda: Hmm. Do we have any salt, Daddy?

This week's pictures find the crew off duty.

They may be off the clock but it's time for you folks to get to work!

TOS Caption Contest Pantheon of Winners

A Beaker Full Of Death (2x)
Adam Ihle (4x)
Bad Atom (2x)
Classic Fan
cooleddie74 (10x)
DrBob (6x)
DS9Sega (2x) Plus one this time for a total of 3!
galleywest (4x)
Gertch (10x) Plus one this time for a total of 11!
Haggis and Tatties
J. Allen (2x)
M'Sharak (4x)
NathanielM (2x)
Nerys Myk (11x)
Noname Given
Outpost4 (12x)
Quo Vadimus
Rat Boy (16x)
SciFi75 (2x)
scottydog (12x)
Shatmandu (4x) Plus one this time for a total of 5!
Sir Rhosis
T'Bonz (5x)
Tharpdevenport (3x)
The Castellan
The Laughing Vulcan (8x)
The Old Mixer
The Squire of Gothos (5x)
The Tone (2x)
Tim M (3x)
Woulfe (2x)

Outpost4 January 19 2008 12:57 PM

Re: TOS Caption Contest #73 - Private Time

Ensign Freeman: So I got to double for the captain with a certain blond headed yeoman, if you know what I mean.

McCoy was uncontrollable when Chapel wore her Nancy Crater wig.

The Laughing Vulcan January 19 2008 01:37 PM

Re: TOS Caption Contest #73 - Private Time

Scott: "Drink up lads, it'll be your last chance before we get photoshopped."

"Captain's log, stardate 4205.2. During a severe ion storm, Doctor McCoy was accidentally injected with four times the maximum permitted dose of viagra. Security have been trying to apprehend him, but he has been staying one step ahead, rampaging through female crew quarters."

"Captain's log, supplemental. Lieutenant Sulu has been confined to the brig, after breaking into female crew quarters, donning a wig and waiting for Dr McCoy."

Outpost4 January 19 2008 02:47 PM

Re: TOS Caption Contest #73 - Private Time

Ensign Freeman: Yeah, Sulu's shirt is two sizes too small but it was all I could grab and, hey, I'm now a lieutenant!

Outpost4 January 19 2008 02:50 PM

Re: TOS Caption Contest #73 - Private Time

The Doctor was a slam-bamn-thankyou-nurse kind of lover.

Gertch January 19 2008 03:02 PM

Re: TOS Caption Contest #73 - Private Time
Thanks for a WIN! :)

Bones had the unenviable task of telling the Captain his flypaper wallpaper idea had some flaws.

Shatmandu January 19 2008 03:41 PM

Re: TOS Caption Contest #73 - Private Time
Hey, thanks much for the win. It's been a good month for those.

Scotty, thinking: "'Tis easier to teabag a drink while in a kilt, but I managed, aye."

McCoy: "Spock's circumcisions are done. I don't care what you do with the foreskins."

Chekov: "Aw, jeez."
Scotty: "You told him the women of that species all have Adam's apples? <snurk>"

Woulfe January 19 2008 04:45 PM

Re: TOS Caption Contest #73 - Private Time

The Star Trek BBS Caption Contest Drinking Game !

~ Rules ~

Take one drink for every funny caption
Take two drinks for every sexual innunendo caption
Take three drinks for every non-seqitor caption
Take four drinks if you've won more then once for your caption, even if it's the same joke you used for past captions
Take five drinks for photoshopping 60's / 70's afro wigs on everyone and then captioning that on top of it !

MyCoy had to exit real fast like when Cristine asked Does this wig make me look fat ? A sure sign that it was THAT time of the month again and he didn't want to be there to witness it again after the LAST time.

Shatmandu January 19 2008 05:33 PM

Re: TOS Caption Contest #73 - Private Time

Chekov: "Spock? Fuck Spock. <takes drink>"
Stuntman: "Spock's a fuckin' tightass."
Scotty: "Aye. Ye could sharpen your pencil between the man's buttcheeks."

McCoy: "PIE!"

Cut scene from TOS-R version of "Trouble with Tribbles"

Stuntman: "Ended your personal drought, eh?"
Scotty: "Aye. I made that Tribble squeal like I was Klingon."
Chekov does spit-take.
Scotty wipes face. Is irritated, put on edge.
Scene continues as original.

Kegek January 19 2008 06:04 PM

Re: TOS Caption Contest #73 - Private Time
Scotty: (smirks) Pavel, I think you read the label wrong. That drink isn't made in Russia... it's made from Russians.
O, McCoy did not know how her weak heart and slender frame pined and yearned for his sensuous lips and grandoliquent essence.

Rat Boy January 19 2008 06:25 PM

Re: TOS Caption Contest #73 - Private Time

Scotty: "Shhhhh, I'm going to go piss in those Klingons' drinks and see if they notice."

McCoy: "You change your hairstyle?"

Chapel: "It's still regulation, Doctor."

McCoy: "Wonderful stuff that Romulan ale."

The Squire of Gothos January 19 2008 06:56 PM

Re: TOS Caption Contest #73 - Private Time

Scotty thought it was a great idea to put their drinks on the Klingon's tab, they'd just have to make their exit on time.

On his next lap, Chapel tripped up the Doctor.

Dammit, does noone realise I'm back? :p

Rat Boy January 19 2008 07:03 PM

Re: TOS Caption Contest #73 - Private Time
How the bar fight really started...

Freeman: "I can't stand those Klingons. So loud and obnoxious and...they're right behind us, aren't they?"

Chapel (thinking): Should I tell him about the toilet?

McCoy: "My God! What the hell happened in the toilet?!"

Shatmandu: "I'm not sure about these new hospital scrubs."

Woulfe January 19 2008 07:59 PM

Re: TOS Caption Contest #73 - Private Time
Re : My rules for the ST BBS drinking game above -

Shatmandu : Does this mean I have to drink a Kegger now ?

- W -
* Yup ! *

Gil T.Azell January 19 2008 08:02 PM

Re: TOS Caption Contest #73 - Private Time

Scoty: "Throw them back lads we've got some Klingon Ass to kick!"

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