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Neroon October 7 2005 11:48 AM

Spoiler rules. Please read them
After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, T'Bonz has updated the board rules as regards to spoilers. This covers all films and TV series. You can read about them here. It would be a very good idea to re-familiarize yourself with them, as a fe things have changed. Most notably, the United States is no longer a reference point. To review:
  • - First off, there should never be spoilers in thread titles. That's a no-no. Verboten.
  • - Second, if your thread contains or is likely to contain spoilers, please indicate that in the title, so folks looking to avoid spoilers can, well, avoid them.
  • - Fourthly, if you bring spoiler discussion into a regular thread, please use the spoiler code. Otherwise, Spiff cries, and every time Spiff cries, he gets really blubbery. We're talking newborn baby here. Dude makes Niagara Falls look like the desert, you get what we're saying? So you don't want to make Spiff cry.
  • - Finally, the statute of limitations on whether to consider an episode/film free of spoilers is one year from the time when it first airs, wherever it first airs. If a new episode of SG1 or Atlantis or a film airs on June 1st in England then on Aug 1st in the US, the clock starts ticking on June 1st.

We're not going to warn for spoilers, not right off the bat, but if anyone is persistent about violating these rules, we'll have to consider it. IF someone DOES post a spoiler, don't explode. Simply roll with it and hit the friendly little "Notify" button at the bottom of each and every post. Just think about your fellow posters when you're posting, okay? A little consideration goes a long way 'round these parts.

Any discussions about these, please take it to the QSF forum.

Neroon September 12 2006 01:11 PM

Re: Spoiler rules are updated. Please read them
I have been informed and have noticed on my own, a disturbing trend toward spoiling upcoming episodes. Hey, they excitement of new material is alwyas gong to make folks eager, so I can understand that completely. However, please remember to follow the spoiler guidelines you can see posted in the pinned thread in here. It will make for a more pleasant experience for all. Do us all a favor and read through the spoiler rules again. New episodes are considered spoiler material for 12 months after their initial airing, no matter the country.

I don't want to warn for "spoiling" because that does seem rather heavey-handed, so please don't force me to. ;)

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