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Bry_Sinclair June 9 2014 03:52 PM

Character Spin Off
If you believe what you read on the internet, Michael Dorn works on a Captain Worf-based series every 6-9 months (personally not something I'm that excited to see).

Which Trek character would you want to see in their own spin-off? What would be the premise?

T'Girl June 9 2014 07:11 PM

Re: Character Spin Off
Star Trek: Ambassador Lwaxana.

She would travel the cosmos letting new species see the Federation through her perfect example. Help societies with her sage advise.

And she would never let a opportunity go by to get her cougar on with handsome young men !!


Captain Clark Terrell June 9 2014 08:05 PM

Re: Character Spin Off

Bry_Sinclair wrote: (Post 9679876)
Which Trek character would you want to see in their own spin-off? What would be the premise?

It might be fun to base a series around some of the junior officers we've seen in Trek, setting the show later in their careers, after they've ascended to more senior postings.

Another idea would be an online miniseries about a non-human character or race. I'd be interested in a series featuring some of the Romulan characters who've appeared on-screen.


BillJ June 9 2014 11:20 PM

Re: Character Spin Off
I'm honestly not sure if there is a "junior officer" actor that is strong enough to carry their own series. Maybe John Cho as Captain Sulu, in command of a small survey/science vessel.

C.E. Evans June 9 2014 11:36 PM

Re: Character Spin Off
The Lives of Dax
It would begin with the next host after Ezri and would follow his adventures as an Indiana Jones/Doctor Who-type scientist exploring strange new worlds, investigating new life-forms and new civilizations, and frequently running for his life from bad guys he encounters along the way. Periodically, he would have to draw upon the experiences of the previous Dax hosts to get out of various tight jams (even some of the romantic type).

If the show runs for a very long time (more than five seasons), the option exists to do a time jump to the next host after him...

2takesfrakes June 10 2014 01:27 AM

Re: Character Spin Off
Rain Robinson of VOYAGER's outstanding 2-Part Episode: Future's End!

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