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FalTorPan June 5 2014 05:05 AM

3D-Printing Enthusiasts?
Does anyone here own a 3D printer or use a 3D-printing service provider? If so then which printer(s) do you own, and/or which 3D-printing services do you utilize?

I've been using Shapeways. I love it, but I am also this close to purchasing my own 3D printer. I've had my sights set on the FlashForge Creator X Dual Extrusion 3D Printer.

One more thing -- what sorts of things are you 3D-printing? I've been designing my own toy of Vehicle Team Voltron. Recently I began to think beyond the Voltron project, and the most appealing idea that comes to mind is designing a play set of the refit USS Enterprise NCC-1701, for use with the Mego 3-3/4" ST:TMP action figures and ERTL 3-3/4" Star Trek III action figures.

ryan123450 June 5 2014 09:40 PM

Re: 3D-Printing Enthusiasts?
I dream of the day when I can 3D print a fleet of about 50 different 1/5000 scale Star Trek ships. I love the idea of the Star Trek Starships Collection, but I want the ships to be to scale with one another.

MadMan1701A June 6 2014 12:35 AM

Re: 3D-Printing Enthusiasts?
I got a Flash Forge Creator Dual a few months ago, and I love it. I've printed some of my model ships, some sonic screwdrivers, and a bunch of doo-dads for around the house.

I got mine for about $1200... really pretty cool.

One thing that's cool about the flash forge, is that it is compatible with Makerbot's Maker ware software.

If you do get one, don't try to tweak it's or go crazy doing modifications to it. It'll work just fine out of the box. :-)


FalTorPan June 6 2014 03:11 AM

Re: 3D-Printing Enthusiasts?
Thanks for sharing your opinion of the FlashForge Creator. As I mentioned in my first post, that's the printer that I plan to purchase!

Do you have any photos of prints that you've made?

MadMan1701A June 6 2014 04:05 AM

Re: 3D-Printing Enthusiasts?
No problem. :)

Sure, I had posted some of my Trek ships in the 3D printing thread that I had started.

It really produces nice results. I have some samples that came out of a $20,000 printer, and mine prints very comparably to it.

It's absolutely mesmerizing to watch it print... I've spent literally hours just staring at it! :)


FalTorPan June 6 2014 05:38 AM

Re: 3D-Printing Enthusiasts?
Oh yeah! That was you, wasn't it? Awesome, awesome designs and prints!

I'm majorly looking forward to buying a printer. I've loved using Shapeways, but my current project is prohibitively expensive using them -- and I have many other ideas that would be expensive to realize using them.

I look forward to seeing more of what you've done!

Here are photos of a 15-part model that I've worked on for my Voltron project.

MadMan1701A June 6 2014 02:33 PM

Re: 3D-Printing Enthusiasts?
Thanks. :)

Those look great.

The flashforge won't be able to print out objects of that smoothness, so some sanding and filling is required.

Still I think it's worth it. by the time you sand it, and prime it, a lot of the imperfections disappear.


FalTorPan June 28 2014 11:27 PM

Re: 3D-Printing Enthusiasts?
MadMan1701A, I just emailed you. :)

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