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Redgeneral May 10 2014 03:18 PM

Set blueprint exchange

Over the years I've saved pictures off the internet of the various set blueprints, but going back to the sites have resulted in many 404s - sites dead. Some I can't find where they came from, even with google's reverse image search.

As these are useful to fan art / productions, I've uploaded copies to my flickr account to allow people to access them instead of letting them vanish forever.

I've titled this thread "exchange" as I hope that if people have other set blueprints, that they might also share them with this thread.

Sovereign set blueprints (First contact onwards)
Flickr album:

NX Enterprise set blueprints
Flickr album:

TOS set blueprints:
Flickr album:

TMP set blueprints:
Flickr album:

TNG set blueprints:
Flickr album:

2009 movie set elements blueprints:
Flickr album:

Voyager set blueprints:
Flickr album:

I tried to post these as embed images but it didn't work - maybe because I am a new member

Count May 11 2014 02:45 AM

Re: Set blueprint exchange
I have complete Deep Space Nine and Defiant sets (Defiant also include redress plans as part of director notes for some episodes).

I also have the battle bridge and BB ready room for TNG.

Gotta figure out how to find time to upload them to flickr though.

Pity the complete First Contact engineering/corridor sets aren't visible, I'd love to see how they did the twin horseshoe set up.

EDIT: OMG, the Galley! that's the redress of Troi's quarters, the only room I couldn't get a layout for on the TNG set. Perfect!

Redgeneral May 11 2014 03:19 PM

Re: Set blueprint exchange
Those set plans would be great - Thank you

I've managed to find a few more sets on my hard drive and uploaded them to flickr

Romulan war bird set plans from TNG "Timescape":

Klingon Hall of Warriors from DS9 "Apocalypse Rising":

Runabout cockpit (series 1-4 of DS9):

A few unknowns:
voyager's bridge ceiling? -
data quarters (sovereign?) -
A bit of corridor -
Klingon ship? from STVI -
A bridge ceiling -
A console -

Any help identifying these set plans would be great

I never knew that the galley was a redress of troy's quarters, makes sense seeing as a lot of STVI is TNG redressed

I've put a list of set conversions here so that if a set plan is missing for one room, it might be inferred from an earlier/later version

Set conversions:

TMP bridge -> Battle bridge TNG -> TNG USS Lantree bridge "Unnatural Selection" -> Star gazer bridge TNG -> TNG court room "Measure of a Man" -> TNG Geophysical lab "Pen Pals" -> TNG Surgical suite "Samaritan Snare" -> TNG Tactical room "The Emissary" -> TNG Hathaway bridge "Peak Performance" -> TNG Science station "The Vengeance Factor" -> Enterprise C bridge "Yesterday's Enterprise" -> TNG cybernetics Lab "The offspring" -> TNG Moab IV lab "The Masterpiece Society" -> USS Boozeman bridge "Cause and Effect" - > Enterprise B bridge "Generations" (heavily altered)

TMP engineering -> TNG engineering -> STVI engineering -> voyager engineering

TMP corridors -> TNG corridors

TNG ten forward -> STVI presidential office -> converted to voyager mess hall and the curved windows were flipped to be used in voyager ready room and briefing room

DS9 Defiant bridge -> Ferengi bridge in "Inside Man" (voyager)

TMP Transporter room -> TNG transporter room -> STV and STVI transporter room -> Voyager Transporter room -> sovereign transporter room in Star Trek Insurrection only

TMP + II + III crew quarters -> TNG Tsiolkovsky quarters "The Naked Now" -> TNG data and worf's quarters

TMP sickbay -> TNG sickbay

DS9 runabout cockpit -> Insurrection Shuttle craft

There are probably more instances of set conversion, but these are all I can think of at the moment

Count May 12 2014 01:10 AM

Re: Set blueprint exchange
The first bridge ceiling appears to be the centre bridge dome for voyager or the side roof part for the NX-01.

those are Data's soveriegn quarters. The corridor looks like a piece from Nemesis showing the captains/guest quarters from the final set up (voyager sets had been struck, so they built new ones).

Console looks like a sovereign class side console from the two port and starboard stations and hte other bridge roof piece that's spider-shaped is the First Contact E-E one.

Oops, meant "Troi's counsellor office", but at least i got the owner right, lol. Yea, On the opposite side to the transporter room in Stage 9 for TNG (voyager turned it into the science lab), it was the following rooms first:

TNG - Break Room (Where no one has gone before), Dining room (Haven), Guest Quarters (The Neutral Zone), Meeting Room (Outrageous Okona), Troi's office (Icarus Factor), Recovery Room (Transfigurations), and then converted between the science lab and Troi's office for the rest of the series with the occasional appearance as Mott's Barber shop. It's that weird trapezoidal shape you see on the galley, and the opposite doors in the corridor plans are from the transporter room.

I also found that I have the klingon bridge floorplans from TNG/DS9, along with the redress instructions to make it look like the Rotaaran's dining room and captains' quarters. I'll upload those too.

I have to check what else i have, i haven't been near my 3d modelling archives in a while.

Also, interesting note, the end of the TNG stage 9 corridor on engineering (right side facing the warp core), actually led into a small corridor that opened up to the portside door of the TNG battlebridge that appeared as various science labs and Data's cybernetics lab. The corridor was made from pieces of the original TNG battle bridge ready room, they knocked out the wall and hten put in some cheap and quick carpeting and swing walls in the 2-3 appearances that a corridor showed up through that door (You can see it in "The Emmisary" and "Mind's eye" in particular, open door shots show the main engineering room down that way).

I also have a set plan for the small science lab that is stuck between the transporter room and sickbay from TNG. It only appeared 3-4 times in the series, but it's a nice little easter egg, i reckon.

King Daniel Into Darkness May 12 2014 09:41 AM

Re: Set blueprint exchange
It's quite a trawl to get through, but this thread has links to more set schematics from Star Trek Into Darkness, including the Trade Ship, Turbo Plaza, Warp Core and Brig. Resolution varies quite a bit.
Also, maps of the NIF target building available via Google work pretty well as engineering set plans.:)

Robert Comsol May 12 2014 11:24 AM

Re: Set blueprint exchange
Here is a link with some interesting side views and annotations of the TNG / TUC engine room set: (in general a very interesting Trek website, I should add).

This is a great and interesting thread, I'm still looking for authentic Klingon Bridge blueprints from TMP to enable an authentic reproduction of the torpedo bay from TWOK.

I think this thread would get better attention in the "General Discussion" section because technically it's not fan but production art from various Star Trek incarnations. ;)

And, of course, welcome to the Trek BBS Redgeneral. :beer:


Mytran May 12 2014 11:39 AM

Re: Set blueprint exchange
What a great thread! I'll dig through my hard drive later, see if I can add anything to it.

Count May 12 2014 01:53 PM

Re: Set blueprint exchange
TNG Blueprints:

Deep Space Nine Blueprints (including runabout):

Defiant Blueprints: - I have to admit, I was really hesitant to share these originally. I spent ages (literally, years) reconstructing the defiant sets before I had any breakthrough on these details. And there was one amateur filmmaker over on that I used to help who would have loved these, but he bit the hand that fed him and I refused to help him anymore. I suppose the spite behind his being a jackass after all the assistance I gave him kinda made me unwilling to part with these, but still, not fair on anyone else. Although except for a few of them that have vanished from ebay now, most of them are still available online.

Kinda annoyed, I'm pissed off that I can't find the Klingon BOP anywhere. Go figure! However, I do have a bonus, the Romulan Bridge/corridors/interrogation room from DS9.

Highest res I could get, some of the Defiant ones and the Romulan ones are from ebay previews, biggest images available. From a 3d modelling point of view, I was more after the shape/layout then the quality, so I could figure it out.

The Defiant blueprints may be contradictory until you realize this. The "final" stage 18 design you see there is from season 7. In Season 6, they joined the mess hall to engineering (as per the director plans) and put that weird rhomboid room between the mess hall and the engine room. This was the Starbase Office/Valiant/Defiant ready room for the year before they struck it again.

Also, the transporter room change from being at the top of the "T" bar of that bridge corridor segment, and became an extension of the mess hall in season 4.

EDIT: I think I found the Rotaaran bridge, and put it in the "other" section with the romulan bridge. I think it's also a redress of the Saratoga bridge judging from the layout. Not too sure.

EDIT2: Also, I found the K'Tinga Bridge Blueprint I had laying around.

EDIT3: I know they're not trek, but I do have the Battlestar GAlactica (2003), Pegasus, COlonial one, and the various Stargate Series set blueprints as well. I might throw them up on my photobucket later if there's any interest.

Robert Comsol May 12 2014 04:52 PM

Re: Set blueprint exchange

Count wrote: (Post 9572683)
EDIT2: Also, I found the K'Tinga Bridge Blueprint I had laying around.

But that is the one Lee Cole did for the TMP Official Blueprints?!? :confused:

According to my examinations it is unfortunately not very accurate. I tried to use this a basis for the torpedo section of the movie Enterprise but noticed that the proportions didn't match (and her shock bumpers have more elements than the real thing had).

Would be cool if the gentleman (or gentlewoman) who purchased many of the original blueprints from Paramount for 4.500 $ would share this one with us. ;)


Mytran May 12 2014 09:03 PM

Re: Set blueprint exchange
Ah, upon closer examination I see you've got a couple of my old paste-ups already! (in the TOS section). Nice to know they're still doing the rounds ;)

Redgeneral May 12 2014 09:16 PM

Re: Set blueprint exchange
Thanks for the set plans Count, the defiant ones are extremely interesting as they give the curve of the captains control panels

With your identifications, I've moved the pictures from the unknown album to the albums where they should be.

King Daniel Into Darkness, thanks for the link to reach more reboot trek plans

I've found a few additional set plans

The DS9 episode "Trials and Tribulations" recreated the TOS set and these are the set plans for the corridors

The USS relativity (voyager) set plans:

Admiral Paris' office and pathfinder lab (voyager) set plans:

Another bit of enterprise E Jeffries tubes

Full size mock-up of the type 15 shuttle (it was a set element, so I'm including it in set plans) - similar to what was built, but not quite

Mytran May 12 2014 10:45 PM

Re: Set blueprint exchange
You might wish to add this one to the "Trials and Tribulations" section. It does not seem to match up perfectly with the other sketches, but it is a pretty good match to what we see in the episode:

The page it comes from has a pretty good interview as well!

Count May 13 2014 01:36 AM

Re: Set blueprint exchange
No worries General.

Keep an eye out for the Sovereign horse-shoe blueprints if you can ever find it. That would be an amazing find, those sets for the E-E in First contact were as comprehensive as DS9's promenade, I would love to see a fully realised layout of it one day, everything shown in the movie except the bridge, sickbay and weapons room were part of one gigantic set that spanned two stages. It would have been incredible to view.

I'm also not too sure on the one i labelled as BOP bridge, I think that may be one of the other guest bridges, I'm still searching for the real one i saw. It was a trilogy of blueprints showing the Rotaaran bridge, one of the bridge set with a wall near the viewscreen turning it into Martok's office, and one of the rear of the bridge that was the mess hall, so keep an eye out.

Count May 14 2014 01:51 AM

Re: Set blueprint exchange
oh, also. That one you've labelled as "ship bridge" in your unknown section is the TMP era bird of prey bridge set from 4, 5 and 6. I think it's pre-6 Kronos 1 modifications though as the transporter room has not been built into the hallway yet, so it's probably from the 4/5 era.

Count May 16 2014 05:20 AM

Re: Set blueprint exchange
Good to see such a promising thread die so fast, oh well.

Also, this "bit of corridor"

Is the Enterprise-E sets from Nemesis. the large room that's in between the two "arcs" of corridor is the sickbay/engineering lab area. The large room on the outer circle is the quarters/picard office (non ready room) set and then long straight corridor at the bottom left is the Data leap one. The reman firefight was in the arc near the quarters door and they replaced that door with a jefferies tube hole for that scene.

Engineering was built away from the corridors in Nemesis, probably because they were on a smaller soundstage then 14 for this movie, and that would always explain why engineering was only ever filmed facing the warp core, due to a lack of assembled corridor sets at it's doorway.

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