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J. Allen April 19 2014 02:51 AM

MLP:FIM S4E22 - "Trade Ya" - Grading & Discussion
Episode Title: "Trade Ya"
Air Date: April 19th, 2014

Summary: "Spike and the Mane 6 are headed to the Rainbow Falls Traders Exchange to find items they treasure. But when things donít go exactly as planned, the girls learn that nothing is more valuable than their friendship."

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I've said it, and I've said it a hundred thousand times if I've said it once: Flea markets and trade shows are dens of iniquity, filled to the brim with ancient evils, and poorly made rugs! Repent! Repent for the end is neigh! Seriously, though, this should be an interesting episode. More slice-of-life stuff before we get to the finale episodes, of which I have managed to keep myself completely in the dark. [/once more, implied threat]

DarkHorizon April 19 2014 05:03 PM

Re: MLP:FIM S4E22 - "Trade Ya" - Grading & Discussion
A cute episode with lots of nice character bits in it.

Peach Wookiee April 19 2014 05:12 PM

Re: MLP:FIM S4E22 - "Trade Ya" - Grading & Discussion
Very darling. And... I hope this doesn't count as a spoiler... we saw an earth pony in a wheel... well it wasn't a chair...

J. Allen April 20 2014 01:14 AM

Re: MLP:FIM S4E22 - "Trade Ya" - Grading & Discussion
I noticed the pony in the wheel harness as well, which means Equestria does have disabled ponies. I love that message of inclusion.

What a wonderful episode! Just another slice of life where we see the fun interactions between various ponies. This episode has a great message, and I can't wait to see the follow up on EqD, which will definitely have a "best face" contest for this episode, which had so many great ones.

Favorite moments:

* Using the "Bear Call"
* Dash and Flutters slinging burgers
* Applejack and Rarity arguing over who wants the most useless "antique."
* Also, their subsequent argument over who is the better friend.
* Fluttershy d'awwing over a ferocious two headed dog.
* The Discord Lamp
* Carnival Barker Pinkie ramping up the hype on Twi's books.

All in all, a wonderful episode with many excellent character moments. This one gets an "A" from me. :D

Peach Wookiee April 20 2014 06:52 AM

Re: MLP:FIM S4E22 - "Trade Ya" - Grading & Discussion
I also loved seeing Twilight leading without having to ditch her friends. I loved seeing her judge the dispute!

J. Allen April 20 2014 08:02 AM

Re: MLP:FIM S4E22 - "Trade Ya" - Grading & Discussion
Yeah, Twilight was totally adorable doing her thing. :D

Taylirious April 25 2014 01:18 AM

Re: MLP:FIM S4E22 - "Trade Ya" - Grading & Discussion

I know it might be dangerous but I kinda want a bear call! :lol:

Good, solid EP. :bolian:

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