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hux March 9 2014 02:16 PM

Rate the Characters/Actors
1 - Doctor (best character development and the character that really benefits from Seven's introduction)
2 - Seven (very watchable and interesting character)
3 - Janeway (up & down....also benefits from Seven's arrival)
4 - Torres (stays pretty solid throughout)
5 - Paris (similar to Torres)
6 - Tuvok (steady but for me, gets marginalised after Seven's arrival)
7 - Kim (has some good moments but a lot of mediocre ones too)
8 - Chakotay (slightly weak and another one who suffers after Seven's introduction)
9 - Neelix (steady with occasional outbursts but never that watchable)
10 - Kes (slow, none development....doesn't go anywhere)

1 - R Picardo (superb actor....always shines)
2 - J Ryan (surprisingly good & elevates Seven beyond simply being a cartoon fantasy)
3 - R Dawson (always solid)
4 - K Mulgrew (puts in a shift)
5 - E Phillips (does a good job with a difficult character)
6 - RD Mcneil (mostly solid but occasionally bland)
7 - J Lien (never given much to get her teeth into but excellent when she did)
8 - G Wang (decent but some moments are cringe worthy)
9 - T Russ (difficult to judge cos he's playing a Vulcan and simply follows the template set by Nimoy)
10 - R Beltran (genuinely looks bored quite a lot and speech seems unnatural at times)

Lynx March 9 2014 05:49 PM

Re: Rate the Characters/Actors
1- Kes (Excellent and unique character)
2- Chakotay (Excellent first officer despite being neglected by the writers
3- Janeway (Excellent captain and main character
4- Paris (Lot of humor and a great action character)
5- Tuvok (A very convincing Vulcan)
6- Torres (Great character with an interesting background)
7- The Doctor (His sacastic comments and way to handle things made him very interestin)
8- Neelix (Funny and likeable)
9- Kim (Could have beena good character but a bit too bland)
10- (Too much focus on her looks and dress, otherwise quite interesting)

1- Jennifer Lien (Did an excellent job in portraying Kes)
2- Kate Mulgrew (I wouldn't imagine what the show had been without her)
3- Tim Russ (Excellent in his portraying of Tuvok)
4- Robert Picardo (He really gave life to The Doctor)
5- Robert Beltran (Did a great job considering how the writers obstructed his character)
6- Jeri Ryan (Excellent actress who turned Seven into more than just eye-candy)
7- Roxann Dawson (Brilliant as Torres)
8- Robert Duncan McNeill (Did an excellent job in portraying Paris)
9- Ethan Phillips (Brilliant in his role as Neelix)
10- Garret Wang (Hard to rate because he was never given the chance to shine)

Comment: Very difficult to rate those characters because they were all great. The best in Star Trek.

Even more difficult to rate the actors because they all did an excellent job, all of them.

With such characters and actors, Voyager could and would have been even better than it was

JirinPanthosa March 9 2014 07:29 PM

Re: Rate the Characters/Actors
Main cast:

1. Doctor
2. Janeway
3. Seven

Secondary cast:

1. Tuvok
2. Kes
3. Paris
4. Torres
5. Kim
6. Chakotay
7. Neelix

Brit March 9 2014 08:46 PM

Re: Rate the Characters/Actors
B'Elanna Torres
Tom Paris
The Doctor
Seven of Nine
Harry Kim

The reality from my point of view is that all the characters had a wonderful chemistry with each other. I cannot imagine getting along without any one of them, they all added to the shows and for me they were all essential.

Captain Kathryn March 9 2014 09:33 PM

Re: Rate the Characters/Actors
I love all of the characters and actors! So hard to make this list. I think they were all wonderful together.

1. Janeway
2. The Doctor
3. Seven of Nine
4. Tuvok
5. Tom Paris
6. B'Elanna
7. Neelix
8. Chakotay
9 Harry Kim
10. Kes

teacake March 9 2014 10:26 PM

Re: Rate the Characters/Actors
1. 7
2. Janeway
3. The Doctor
4. Neelix
5. Paris
6. Kim
7. Torres
8. Tuvok
9. Chakotay
10. Kes

Tuvok would have rated higher if had more to do. I like ALL the characters other than Kes though she has risen in my estimation over the years to a solid meh.

For actors I'd put Mulgrew, Ryan and Picardo in equal first, with Phillips and Russ as equal second. Everyone else muddles in the middle and Beltran gets dead last. If only he could have brought to the character the performance and nuance that Ryan did for 7.. I might even be a J/C'er if that had been the case.

JiNX-01 March 21 2014 01:49 AM

Re: Rate the Characters/Actors
The Doctor: The best character, the best developed (and the best actor).

Nuff said.

LOKAI of CHERON March 23 2014 12:04 AM

Re: Rate the Characters/Actors
1. Janeway
2. Seven
3. Kes
4. The Doctor
5. Torres
6. Tuvok
7. Paris
8. Chakotay
9. Kim
10. Neelix

Bry_Sinclair March 23 2014 12:24 AM

Re: Rate the Characters/Actors
1. Torres
2. Tuvok
3. Kes
4. Janeway (when written properly)
5. Paris (fairly inoffensive for the most part)
6. Seven (Deus Ex Machina with boobs, S4-7 were too Seven heavy at the cost of most of the other characters, she only makes it to 6th place because of the moments when Jeri Ryan shows she's more than just a fanwank catsuit)
7. Chakotay (so much more could've been done with him, shame Robert Beltram couldn't be bothered with it after a while)
8. EMH (hammy, egotistical, smart-assed light bulb, he was far more interesting when he was restricted to sickbay)
9. Kim (could've been so much better, but trying to draw out the inexperienced ensign on the crew for seven years was just dull)
10. Neelix (just grating from start to finish, should've been axed when his role as 'guide' came to an end)

Galekarens March 25 2014 12:40 AM

Re: Rate the Characters/Actors
1. Captain Janeway (Best Trek Woman Evah (IMHO)
2. B'Elanna Torres
3. Chakotay
(tie) 4. Tuvok / The Doctor
6. Tom Paris
(tie) 7. Kes / Harry Kim
9. Neelix (altho I thought he was ok)
10. Seven

PS Actually I liked almost all of the Voyager characters, so just rated on how much I liked them, more or less, lol.

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