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LeadHead February 10 2014 06:07 AM

TOS Caption Contest #282: Love Connection
And now, we shall bring forth winners of a caption contest!

First up to the plate, we have the "Identified Flying Object" Award, going to:


johcomp wrote: (Post 9177802)

Kirk: Look! An Amazon Drone! Phasers on heavy stun, fire at will.

Next, we have the "Difficult Diagnosis" Award, going to:


The Laughing Vulcan wrote: (Post 9154171)

Next, we have the "Leslie Nielsen" Award, going to:


Mr. Laser Beam wrote: (Post 9201319)

Spock: Mr. Kyle, please explain when our navigation system will be back on line.

Kyle: I can't tell, sir.

Spock: You can tell me, I'm the first officer.

Kyle: No, I mean I'm just not sure.

Spock: Can't you take a guess?

Kyle: Hmm...Well, not for another two hours.

Spock: You can't take a guess for another two hours?

Next, we have the "Credentials Evaluation" Award, going to:


Armored Saint wrote: (Post 9159568)
BONES: Jim, McGivers with Khan, Palamas with Apollo, I begin to doubt it's a good idea to recruit humanities graduates.

Next, we have the "Repair procedure" award, going to:


CorporalCaptain wrote: (Post 9188074)

Spock: Speed is essential, Lieutenant.

Uhura: If it isn't done just right, I could blow the entire communications system.


Spock: Did you remember to disconnect the power to your station before you began?

Our Photoshop award, goes to:


Nerys Myk wrote: (Post 9164944)


JirinPanthosa wrote: (Post 9208969)

SPOCK: Now that you've been transferred to security, your life insurance premiums are going to go up. We will adjust your pay accordingly.

Many thanks to everyone who participated and congrats to our winners!

And now, our Valentines (or Singles Awareness Day)Themed contest!


LeadHead February 10 2014 06:19 AM

Re: TOS Caption Contest #282: Love Connection

Kirk:(thinking) I really hope she doesn't turn out to be a homicidal maniac.

Scotty: I'm so in love with her that I finally changed the laws of physics!

Kirk: (over comm) ...And so in conclusion Mister Spock, I really think that Ms. Kalomi is very attracted to me. What do you think?

Chekov: I'm glad we could find the time to sneak away together, since the Enterprise is slowly being pulled into the atmosphere of this planet.

Natira: Wait, you're only marrying me because you're going to die?

Nerys Myk February 10 2014 07:02 AM

Re: TOS Caption Contest #282: Love Connection

"Hey Nineteen" by Steely Dan begins playing in the background.

KALOMI: Hold on while I post this selfie to Spacebook

NATIRA: A headache? That's my line!

SCOTTY: See, I told you, the cryochambers we jacked from the Botany Bay would come in handy!

CHEKOV: You know the Russian saying "Red sky at night, sailors delight"?

LANDON: Do you know the American saying "Keep it in your pants or I'll cut it off?

Jonas Grumby February 10 2014 06:18 PM

Re: TOS Caption Contest #282: Love Connection

Lenore: "Alright, if you insist. I'll go change into something that smells a little less like musk."

Scotty: "Aye, she's a bonnie lass, alright! She's even consented to lettin' me put her into suspended animation to accommodate my necrophilia fetish! See? Ye never know unless ye ask!"

Spock: "Yes, Spocky-wocky wuvs his widdle ooche-woochie coochie-coo! Yes, him does... Wait! Are you broadcasting this over the ship's comm system?!!"

Landon: "Have you given any thought at all to what would happen if the captain were to come along and catch us in flagrante delicto?"
Chekov: "I'm twenty-two years old! I don't think anywhere near that far ahead!"

McCoy: "No, this is wrong! I should be trying to save my friends' lives! Not in here consorting with you!"
Natira: "When was the last time you saved your friends' lives?"
McCoy: "Oh...a few weeks ago."
Natire: "And when was the last time you had sex?"
McCoy: "...You make a very good point."

Armored Saint February 10 2014 06:35 PM

Re: TOS Caption Contest #282: Love Connection
LANDON: Pav, are you high?
CHEKOV: If I'm high? Of course I'm high? All those Cossacks captionners vill me vrite me as a LaForge, not as a Kirk.

Mr. Laser Beam February 10 2014 10:02 PM

Re: TOS Caption Contest #282: Love Connection

Leila: Oh, Spock, what's the worst that could happen? It's not like the NSA would be eavesdropping on my iPhone...oh, wait...

Natira: Leonard, I'm sorry I almost poked your eye out. I should have told you that all women on Yonada wear steel tipped bras.

CorporalCaptain February 10 2014 10:43 PM

Re: TOS Caption Contest #282: Love Connection
TFTW, LeadHead!

Natira: Don't worry, Leonard, it happens to a lot of men the first time.

Jonas Grumby February 10 2014 11:07 PM

Re: TOS Caption Contest #282: Love Connection

McCoy: "I'm sorry, Natira, but I just can't. That little Orion girl on Wrigley's Pleasure Planet has ruined me for all other women."

Mr. Laser Beam February 11 2014 01:01 AM

Re: TOS Caption Contest #282: Love Connection

Natira: The Oracle likes to watch.

Landon: Pavel, what's this "Russian inwention" that you want to introduce me to?

Lenore: I know what you're thinking, Jim. There's only one way to find out! :devil:

CorporalCaptain February 11 2014 01:27 AM

Re: TOS Caption Contest #282: Love Connection

Kirk: Scotty, you old space dog. I didn't know you saved Sargon's android blueprints!

Scotty: It's a one of a kind. And you wouldna believe who helped me with the programming. It was Palamas. She volunteered. Someone named Areel convinced her it was for the good of the service.

Kirk: Wait, Areel?

Armored Saint February 11 2014 01:53 AM

Re: TOS Caption Contest #282: Love Connection
Thanks for the win
NATIRA: Awww...Leonard, I'm so sorry...I swear I will no more try to talk with you about the fact you didn't see your daughter for a while...neither about the fact they found a cure two days after you pulled the plug on your father...

Jonas Grumby February 11 2014 02:06 AM

Re: TOS Caption Contest #282: Love Connection

McCoy: "I'm sorry, Natira, I just can't. I'm afraid of entering into another relationship. My ex-wife divorced me and took everything except my bones. That's why they call me 'Bones.'"
Natira: "I thought it was short for 'sawbones.'"
McCoy: "Bah! Kids today don't have any idea what a 'sawbones' is."

Armored Saint February 11 2014 02:17 AM

Re: TOS Caption Contest #282: Love Connection
LANDON: Pavel, who were the last yeoman and navigator to have been sent alone on a strange planet?
CHEKOV: Janice Rand and Kewin Riley, vhy are you asking that?

T'Girl February 11 2014 03:07 AM

Re: TOS Caption Contest #282: Love Connection

"I ding we should make wove.
Landon: "Pavel, give me one reason why?"
Chekov: "Vcouse, you are vearing red, dis is a wanding party, and you vill be dead by morning.
Landon: "I say one reason."


Jonas Grumby February 11 2014 04:13 AM

Re: TOS Caption Contest #282: Love Connection

Landon: "Looks like we're stranded on this uninhabited, Eden-like planet forever, Pavel. That being the case, I've never much liked the name 'Martha.' Call me by my middle name, 'Eve.'"
Chekov: "Alright, and you can call me by my middle name, 'Adamovitch.' 'Adam' for short."

Lieutenant Leslie
wakes from his dream and starts frantically scribbling notes for his next fanfic.

McCoy: "I'm sorry, Natira, I just can't. Tonya Barrows and I are going steady."

Kirk (frowning): "Hey, is that real fur?"
Lenore: "Yes. It's dyed tribble fur."
Kirk (smiles): "Ah! Not an endangered species then!"

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