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Tulin January 26 2014 09:48 AM

The 30 Years of 1984 Rolling Film Festival Thread
Why 1984?

Many factors combined to herald 1984 as a seminal year in popular film culture.

Following the release of “Return of The Jedi” in May of 1983, studios ramped up production of genre movies and films aimed at the emerging younger, teenage market.

Steven Spielberg was coming into his own as a producer of light genre fare with his Amblin’ Entertainment production company set to dominate the mid-‘80’s.

Special effects technology(both practical and chemical)continued to advance, thus allowing filmmakers to realize their ideas more believably(for the era)onscreen, heralding an explosion of fantasy and science fiction properties.

Hollywood looked to mine franchises from various media including old tv series, literature and comics.

Add to this the booming potential for box office returns, thanks in no small part to the new “Summer event” blockbuster phenomena. More money meant more potential to take risks and create new, original content.

Films will be noted on or as close to as possible their original release dates and I will be watching them and just summing up my thoughts on them with maybe a bit of background on what the film means to me. I would encourage as many people as possible to add their own reviews/thoughts/feelings as well, to make this an interactive and fun experience. If I miss any out(and some I won't bother noting, due to disinterest)please feel free to note them yourself.

Some of these films will be old favourites while others may prove enjoyable only on a camp level. Still others may be revealed as heretofore undiscovered gems. Whatever the outcome, I ask you now to join me as we relive that great year in movies.

Tulin January 26 2014 09:57 AM

Re: The 30 Years of 1984 Rolling Film Festival Thread
First up we have "The Lonely Guy".

Original release date was January 27th.

The movie starred Steve Martin and Charles Grodin and was a romantic comedy.

Shaka Zulu January 30 2014 10:40 PM

Re: The 30 Years of 1984 Rolling Film Festival Thread
Don't forget Ghostbusters (released June 8, 1984.)

Tulin January 30 2014 11:24 PM

Re: The 30 Years of 1984 Rolling Film Festival Thread
Oh trust me, how can we forget "Ghostbusters"?

This is more of a chronological order listing, so we're only up to late January.

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