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Bigjoe January 8 2014 06:12 PM

Alien Isolation
Out of all the Alien films the first one was by far the best of them all. :)

Now I know some of the Alien games have been dire...but jeez after watching the game trailer I'm thinking wow!

Make sure you watch the trailer at the bottom of the write-up.:eek:

Reverend January 10 2014 03:14 AM

Re: Alien Isolation
After what happened with Colonial Marines I'm going to be very VERY sceptical no matter how good the "in-game footage" looks.

Still, having said that the basic premise of taking the game design ethos of the likes of 'Slender' & 'Amnesia Dark Decent' and turning it into an Alien game is very appealing. It's a wonder no one has ever even attempted something like this before since it seems like such a no-brainer.

Not sure how I feel about them casting the player as Amy Ripley. I mean we know she'll live to her mid-60s and that she never manages to find her mother, right? I'm not saying you *can't* tell a good story like this, but they're kinda stacking the deck against themselves and all for a little franchise name recognition.

Not that I'd want to discourage them from using a female protagonist by any means. Given the franchise it's practically a must. Indeed, it's absence in Colonial Marines and the 11th hour inclusion of *any* female marines should have been a huge red flag.

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