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Sam_I_Am January 4 2014 08:29 PM

Captain's Yachts blueprints/internal

I was wondering if we know much about the Captain's Yachts, their abilities, and if we have any blueprints.

From the name, I imagine them to be fairly sizeable, quite luxurious, with a bridge/control centre, a few cabins, a small engine room and maybe a formal dining room if it could be used for formal functions or entertaining guests.

Also, what kind of range would they have? I could see Picard, for example, taking off in it for a short break to a nearby solar system if ever the Enterprise were undergoing refit. That also makes me wonder how much latitude the Captain has over it. Is the name 'Captain's Yacht' just based in tradition, or is the Captain free to jet off in it, like I said, if the larger ship were being refitted?

Unicron January 5 2014 02:59 AM

Re: Captain's Yachts blueprints/internal
IIRC, the only blueprint that was published (which is only a partial cutaway anyway) is in the TNG Technical Manual. The FASA TNG Officer's Manual did have an alternate image of the captain's yacht, which I'd have to look at again.

QuinnTV January 5 2014 03:13 AM

Re: Captain's Yachts blueprints/internal
This thread has some discussion on the Captain's Yacht.

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