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Klingon Opera December 9 2013 01:39 AM

Klingon Opera to tour the U.S.
U! the Klingon Opera is coming to the United States! After a successful three year run in The Hague, the Klingon Opera is looking for locations across the U.S. to host performances on the first ever American tour.

Based on Paq’batlh: The Klingon Epic by Floris Schonfeld and Kees Ligtelijn, with Klingon to English translation by Marc Okrand, U! is an hour long musical performance that tells the story of the legendaryKahless the Unforgettable. Through this stylized performance, the Klingon culture comes to life in a form that any Star Trek fan will recognize and appreciate for its faithful adherence to Star Trek canon.

This opera works as a bridge for both musical artists and American geek culture by playing off of the Klingon cultural focus on opera that is often mentioned in the show but never explored. Thus, the foundation for the work is already there and allows for musicians and performers to key in on a topic that has a strong support base. As my team works to bring this opera to the U.S., it will involve finding locations to host the opera at theaters and opera houses, conventions, and universities. Each location will have the opportunity to draw in their existing audience and use the publicity of the work to expand interest. Theaters and opera houses can use the opportunity to increase interest in their future music and performance work by drawing a new audience interested in the unique offering of the Klingon Opera. Conventions, such as the numerous Star Trek events and Comic-Con, which already have a large geek audience, have the opportunity to reach out to people interested in new music. As for universities, finding locations with both strong music and technical programs would provide an ideal mixed audience, while at the same time offering the university publicity through the ability to promote themselves as offering a unique opportunity not offered by other institutions.

We are currently looking for venues to host our group on the first American tour. Additional information and a preview of the work can be found here:

We hope that you will consider joining us for the voyages of these epic warriors, on their American premiere tour to seek out new audiences and go where no Klingon opera has gone before!

Thank you for your time,
-Patricia Lawlis
U! the Klingon Opera
Patricialawlis at Gmail dot com

Sector 7 December 9 2013 04:59 AM

Re: Klingon Opera to tour the U.S.
I think I heard about this on the local news. Not sure if any of our locales are hosting, though.

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