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trampledamage December 8 2013 06:28 PM

Spoiler rules for this forum
As discussions have clearly shown - the Trek Lit forum needs to handle spoilers differently from the rest of the BBS. Here is my understanding of how the spoiler rules for this forum currently work:
  • Spoiler coding for all books less than six months old, unless you're in a thread for that book marked with SPOILERS in it's title
  • Once past six months of publication, spoiler coding is not required;
  • Unless you are in a thread where the original poster has made it clear that they are asking about books they have not read yet.

As with all things, common sense should prevail - if you aren't sure, just spoiler code it.

If you have any questions about the current policy you can ask them here, but this is NOT the thread for discussion about changes to the policy, Dimesdan has a thread for that, and I want discussions about changes to stay in that thread.

Defcon December 8 2013 07:00 PM

Re: Spoiler rules for this forum
Wouldn't it make sense to actually link to Dimesdan's discussion thread if you mention it?

trampledamage December 8 2013 07:39 PM

Re: Spoiler rules for this forum
Yes, thank you for doing so.

JWolf December 9 2013 01:13 AM

Re: Spoiler rules for this forum
Remember, publication date is the last Tuesday of the month. Just because the paper copy comes out before then does not make the publication date any earlier.

YJAGG August 7 2014 04:57 PM

Re: Spoiler rules for this forum
what is the code for spoilers?

King Daniel Into Darkness August 7 2014 06:00 PM

Re: Spoiler rules for this forum
[*SPOILER=Subject of spoiler]

Just without the *'s :)

trampledamage August 8 2014 02:29 AM

Re: Spoiler rules for this forum
Thanks, Dan :)

Alternatively you can:
  1. go to the main reply window (via "Go Advanced", "Post Reply" or "Quote")
  2. type your post
  3. select what you want hidden by the spoiler code
  4. click on the button of the yellow face on the top row (it looks like it's upset but actually it has an X where its mouth is to show it's keeping a secred :) )
  5. a pop-up window will ask you to "Enter the option for your spoiler tag" - this incredibly unhelpful phrase actually means "enter the description of your spoiler"
  6. Click okay and you're good to go.
If you click Preview Post it'll show the post with the spoiler hidden so you can check you've hidden the right part :techman:

YJAGG August 8 2014 02:31 AM

Re: Spoiler rules for this forum

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