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TedShatner10 October 15 2013 05:19 PM

Casual Artwork Thread
OK, in the past twelve months is the kind of artwork I've made on Nintendo 3DS' New Art Academy, which really expanded my skills and got me more accustomed to digital art:

TedShatner10 October 15 2013 05:21 PM

Re: Casual Artwork Thread
Some more stuff from New Art Academy:

Robert Maxwell October 15 2013 06:38 PM

Re: Casual Artwork Thread
I'd been meaning to pick this up, now I feel like I have to!

Nice art, by the way.

TedShatner10 October 15 2013 10:57 PM

Re: Casual Artwork Thread
I also like doing Manga artwork:

Xip October 16 2013 07:33 PM

Re: Casual Artwork Thread
That's pretty cool. I used to draw manga, but since I no longer have any art supplies I kinda stopped doing it. I never got around to coloring anything though, looked too hard XD

TedShatner10 October 16 2013 08:18 PM

Re: Casual Artwork Thread
Thanks for the feedback. Some more stuff:

Robert Maxwell October 17 2013 01:20 PM

Re: Casual Artwork Thread
You certainly draw better than I do.

TedShatner10 October 19 2013 02:15 AM

Re: Casual Artwork Thread
Two more:

TedShatner10 October 20 2013 01:54 AM

Re: Casual Artwork Thread
OK, I hear that if you do a drawing or sketch everyday or at least several every week, you'll become an accomplished artist.

Here is an oldish drawing from a year ago:

And around 365 days later...

thestrangequark October 20 2013 04:49 AM

Re: Casual Artwork Thread
It's been awhile since we've had an artwork thread!

I haven't done much drawing or painting lately. But I spent the past 15 minutes scribbling this out to take to my tattoo artist next week. It's not exactly what that tattoo is going to look like at all (there will be color, and it won't be as messy, obviously), but I'm bringing this along with photos of marigolds for the artist to reference:

TedShatner10 October 21 2013 07:21 PM

Re: Casual Artwork Thread
Oh, I was wondering where you were, thestrangledcorpse. You're great at flowers and your hand looks great.

thestrangequark October 22 2013 06:17 AM

Re: Casual Artwork Thread
^Thank you. :)

I too went through a bit of an anime drawing phase, for me in my early 20s. Here's a little doodle I found in that style. I was also obsessed with drawing penguins at the time:

Roshi October 22 2013 02:28 PM

Re: Casual Artwork Thread

Roshi October 22 2013 02:38 PM

Re: Casual Artwork Thread
I already posted those but I like to repeat myself! ;)
I sometimes doodle on my students assignments:

thestrangequark October 23 2013 02:27 AM

Re: Casual Artwork Thread

Here is my one foray into fanart. I forgot I even made these, but found them when I was sifting through old sketches last night. A sketch of the 10th Doctor and one of Rose, that I think I made right after watching that episode the first time. I don't remember who I was beginning to draw next to the Doctor:

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