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The Illusive Man October 14 2013 02:17 AM

TNG Caption This! 330: Goldshirts Appreciation
Hello everyone! Sorry about not getting a contest up last weekend!

First up to the plate, we have the "Don't disturb the Picard!" Award, going to:


shivkala wrote: (Post 8708131)

Next, we have the "Lack of diplomacy" Award, going to:


Big Boo wrote: (Post 8708791)
Q: You humans and your need for sleep. Where's that explorer's spirit during bedtime?
Picard: What part of 'piss off' do you not understand?

Next, we have the "Just can't catch a break" Award, going to:


Geoff Peterson wrote: (Post 8707099)

GEORDI: Relax, baby. We're all alone out here.

Next, we have the "Now it all makes sense..." Award, going to:


inflatabledalek wrote: (Post 8714701)

Frakes: OK Mr. Baird, I'll let you direct Nemesis.

Next, we have the "Leslie Nielsen" Award, goes to:


George Steinbrenner wrote: (Post 8708713)

Our Photoshop Award, goes to:


TommyR01D wrote: (Post 8718979)


GoRe Star wrote: (Post 8712211)

Imperial Warbird Khazara Log, Stardate 46533.2: You'd think this Starfleet pilot was blind or something.


Jonas Grumby wrote: (Post 8710477)

Worf: "You were so drunk you thought I was Riker? Do you know how much synthale you'd have had to have drunk to make that ridiculous claim even remotely plausable?"

Many thanks to everyone who participated and congrats to all of our winners!

I wanted to do something a little different this week, so lets hang out with the Goldshirts!


The Illusive Man October 14 2013 02:21 AM

Re: TNG Caption This! 330: Goldshirts Appreciation

Data: (thinking) Picard and Riker are gonna be so mad when they find out I stole the Enterprise.

Troi: Very funny, now beam up my clothes.

Worf: Engage.

La Forge: You're living in the cargo bay now?!

During the second season, Michael Dorn did some scenes facing away from the camera so that he didn't have to wear the Klingon Makeup every day.

Zombie Cheerleader October 14 2013 02:27 AM

Re: TNG Caption This! 330: Goldshirts Appreciation

LAFORGE: How long were you in that 80s synthpop band, Chief?

The Green Monster October 14 2013 02:28 AM

Re: TNG Caption This! 330: Goldshirts Appreciation

Reg: *mumble*

Geordi: *enters* Reg, what are you doing? You are supposed to have all of that cataloged by now. What am I supposed to tell the Captain? He wanted it an hour ago!

Reg: *mumble* Computer, remove Geordi

Geordi: What are you talking about

Reg: Computer..end program....*taps combadge* Barclay to Engineering. Someone please do a diagnostic on Holodeck 3. The voice commands aren't responding.

Geordi: You aren't on the holodeck...

Reg: Are you sure?

Zombie Cheerleader October 14 2013 02:29 AM

Re: TNG Caption This! 330: Goldshirts Appreciation

LAFORGE: Put down my viewmaster! That's vintage!

Jonas Grumby October 14 2013 02:49 AM

Re: TNG Caption This! 330: Goldshirts Appreciation
TFTW, "Evil Lincoln"! :D

Worf: "I don't care how Captain Kirk used to do it! I'm in charge here! You go in first!"

George Steinbrenner October 14 2013 03:02 AM

Re: TNG Caption This! 330: Goldshirts Appreciation

Worf: You men, make sure the alien prisoner doesn't leave the cargo bay until I come and get it.
Guard #1: Not to leave the bay, even if you come and get it.
Worf: No, UNTIL I come and get it.
Guard #2: Hic.
Guard #1: So we don't need to do anything but stop the prisoner from entering the bay.
Worf: No, LEAVING the bay.
Guard #1: Leaving the bay, yes.
Guard #2: Hic.
Worf: Oh, go get a glass of bloodwine!

shivkala October 14 2013 03:58 AM

Re: TNG Caption This! 330: Goldshirts Appreciation
TFTW! :techman:

Geordi: Data, I don't think the Captain was giving you an order when he told you to get a sense of humor.

Data: I believe he put me in charge, Geordi, and as such, it is my decision to interpret his words as I see fit. Now, Mr. Worf, open a channel with the Ferengi and see if they have a sense of humor for sale.

O'Brien: You recommended me for a position on Deep Space Nine? With all due respect, Lt., you don't know what you did! That old gypsy cursed me with incredible bad luck if I ever took a position where I would be in charge.

Geordi: Gypsy curse? Mr. O'Brien, really? Haven't we evolved past all that?

O'Brien: I guess you're right, sir. I mean, really, what's the worst that can happen to me if I take the position?

Worf: This the graffiti that was reported?

Security Officer: Aye, sir.

Worf: And that is supposed to be Commander Riker's phallis?

Security Officer: I'm just a security officer, sir, I'm not qualified to critique art.

Geordi: Reg, what the hell are you doing?

Barclay: Well, sir, it all started when I first began to watch the 21st century show Breaking Bad...

Worf: Could you two keep it down? Isn't there any place on this ship where a Klingon can just relax and listen to the soulful melodies of Taylor Swift? That girl has had such bad luck with men.

Nebusj October 14 2013 05:32 AM

Re: TNG Caption This! 330: Goldshirts Appreciation
``Oh jeez, traffic cops. Worf, get down here. If I get ticketed again I will lose my license.''
Ernie Anderson: On the next thrilling album of The Buggles: The Next Generation!
``Ensign Timmy Bobby Rusty, you go in there and get eaten by the space monster. Then, time loops and you go in again and get eaten. Then, time loops again and so on. Eventually, the monster will be full. So if you go in and don't get eaten then it will be safe for us, and the last iteration of you will live. Now move.''
``... Sir, are you getting enough sleep?''
``Barclay, this isn't the place for your holodeck picnic.''
Data: ``The lieutenant said he is not crying, and also if `Enormous Louis' calls about the six grand he bet on Cleveland then he's also not here.''
Worf: ``That's `Fat Louie' you lunkhead!''

Bry_Sinclair October 14 2013 06:32 AM

Re: TNG Caption This! 330: Goldshirts Appreciation
Data: Gentlemen, we have a problem.
La Forge: Yeah, the distinct lack of chicks here!
Worf: Agreed, this has turned into quite a sausage fest.
La Forge: Ah Chief, what's that puddle on the transporter pad?
O'Brien: That was supposed to be Admiral Donoghue.
Worf: Now we have a huge mess in there to sort out, men. Dustbusters at the ready!
La Forge: Reg, if you've learned your lesson than this time-out will be over. Ok?
La Forge: I think I've realised why I strike out all the time with the ladies.
Data: Why is that?
La Forge: It'd be better to give you a practical demonstration, I mean you are fully functional aren't you, Data?

ATOMICROAR October 14 2013 07:23 AM

Re: TNG Caption This! 330: Goldshirts Appreciation

Geordi: What's wrong with Worf?
Data: He was hoping to see zombie Walter White.
Geordi: We all were.

Mojochi October 14 2013 07:27 AM

Re: TNG Caption This! 330: Goldshirts Appreciation

Picard & Riker's daily vaudeville act was getting old

Laforge: Maybe Reg was right to fear the transporter. Was he missing that much hair before the transport?

Worf: I order you to go to the parent/teacher conference with my snotty son. You can take backup if you need to

Barkley: I've finished my analysis Commander. These Duplo blocks are much less engaging than the Lego ones

Geordi: What will it cost me to get you to be the one to tell him Guinan is out of prune juice?

R. Star October 14 2013 07:31 AM

Re: TNG Caption This! 330: Goldshirts Appreciation
Thanks for the win!

Data: Activating Emergency Command Android subroutines.
Worf: Your orders sir?
Data: Mr Worf... fire the photonic cannon!

Geordi: I can't get a date.
O'brien: I can't get rid of my wife.

Worf: You two... around the corner. Engage the hostile alien while I'm back here ah... covering you. Remember today is a good day to die!
Goldshirts: ....

LaForge: Reg, what are you doing?
Barclay: It's my new invention, it's called the Orgazmo 10k. Wanna try it?

Data: What is wrong with Lieutenant Worf?
LaForge: Captain Picard wouldn't let him destroy the Romulan ship.
Data: Perhaps he should speak with Counselor Troi about his trigger happy issues?
LaForge: He did, why do you think he's so upset?

Vassa October 14 2013 10:02 AM

Re: TNG Caption This! 330: Goldshirts Appreciation
Data: In fact; straight for us, and by my calculations, none of you will be fast enough to join me in the escape pod.
Kirk's voice over the comm: Beam me up, O'Brien!
O'Brien: Who is this? Kirk NEVER said that!
Dust bunnies ahead, Gentlemen!
Geordi: Hey Reg, Why'd you insist I come down here?
Barclay: Geordi, you have to help me. I've fallen in love a Periodian. The Federation is secretly relocating their entire civilization without their permission! You have to help me!
Geordi: Oh Boy!
Geordi: Okay, you sneak over and push him in.
Data: Is this the appropriate time for an evil chuckle?

Zombie Cheerleader October 14 2013 02:32 PM

Re: TNG Caption This! 330: Goldshirts Appreciation

Data's plan to celebrate the Captain's return with a twenty-one gun salute took an tragic turn.

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