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teacake October 11 2013 08:02 AM

Guild Wars II questions
Heya, got this as a present and am planning to play it with someone else. Quick questions..

1. How phased is the game, can I play with someone else from the beginning or do you do a bunch of levels in your own phase?

2. When you make your storyline choices that determine directions for your character does this mean you won't be doing the same areas or quests as someone of the same race who made different choices?

3. Any realm advice/suggestions? As in, "don't go here, it's a hole"? Any comments on high vs medium population realms? I'm not sure how many are playing this so I'm thinking it may not translate into the same experience as with WoW, ie maybe medium pop realms are empty?

Emher October 11 2013 08:19 AM

Re: Guild Wars II questions
1. You can pretty much play with anyone that's a higher level than you. The game scales the higher level player down pretty well.

2. Yes, some of the stuff will be different. For example what you select as your back story will come up in the storyline as a few quests. Also when you select an order that bit will be different, but the overall story is similar for everyone.

3. I've had a good time at EU server Ring of Fire. I haven't played in a while, mostly because I've gotten distracted, but the community there is great in my experience.

Have fun!

teacake October 11 2013 08:29 AM

Re: Guild Wars II questions
I can't play the EU servers because I'm in Aus, at least that is how it worked with WoW. I've looked up the non-official Oceanic server (as in, people deemed a US server an Oceanic home as there wasn't actual Oceanic servers) so that I can avoid it :lol: The Oceanic servers on WoW were the worst ever.

Might go RP. Thanks for your answers btw!

Emher October 11 2013 06:41 PM

Re: Guild Wars II questions
Sorry, slipped my mind ^^;; But yeah avoid the oceanic servers if possible.

teacake October 15 2013 03:39 AM

Re: Guild Wars II questions
huh my fellow player has logged into an EU server (ruins of surmia) which I didn't think we could do.

So what is good about ring of fire? Is it friendly?

LOL I hate these stupid decisions. I changed servers like 5 times in WoW though my final one was so markedly nicer than the others it was worth it.

Apparently in GII you pay in game currency to change? I would rather pay money.

I was going to go with Tarnished Coast because I'm RP partial but it seems there are queues to log on sometimes and I can't be bothered with that.

teacake October 16 2013 03:10 AM

Re: Guild Wars II questions
Okay I am on Ring of Fire. I thought it might be good to see an EU server, also avoid all the american teenagers. RoF was higher pop but not so high as to have queues.

So far I'm super happy to be running around smashing the crap out of stuff again.

1% map complete! AWESOME.

USS Triumphant October 28 2013 02:02 AM

Re: Guild Wars II questions
The REAL answer to all of your questions, as far as I and a large community are concerned, is that Guild Wars II is made by the same company, NCSoft (may their keyboards catch on fire and their monitors rot), that made City of Heroes, and that cancelled the game and shut down the servers even though they were still moneymakers for them, and then refused to entertain any offers to purchase the servers and/or just the related IP. If you're enjoying Guild War 2, I won't begrudge you that, especially if it was a gift, but consider yourself warned that those arbitrary @#$%^& may end it any day. And I HIGHLY recommend against putting any money into it.

teacake November 1 2013 11:48 AM

Re: Guild Wars II questions
I'm not putting any money into it, if I want fancy things on my character I can return to WoW where umpteen years of play have left me wealthy, well dressed and bored.

I just like being charr and getting to look at a new world. I'm pretty sure it won't last forever any more than a lot of other MMO's. I am curious though how much they make off of all their gold sales, if that is what keeps them going.

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