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137th Gebirg September 11 2013 06:29 PM

Sons of Anarchy Season 6
So, anybody see it?

Someone really needs to make a Saints Row/GTA-style video game out of SOA. Its mission-oriented stories and gang territory struggles would make a perfect backdrop to that genre of gaming.

Anyways, great start to the season. Very shocking and disturbing on multiple fronts. Otto's torture, the "retired" batshit-crazy marshal, Jax's struggle w/ not being able to see Tara and his straying, Clay's incarceration, Gemma losing control over everything, the "Persians"... :lol: BTW, LOVED Peter Weller's very true take on Iranians - although I thought Alexander the Great defeated King Darius in 334 BC, but not a big deal in any case. Looking forward to seeing more of him. I know he's been behind the camera for many SOA shows - now that he's in front, he will definitely add to the rich tapestry. And he's, refreshingly, not some brooding or arrogant king like the Irish or Pope. This guy feels a lot more dangerous than any of the others. He's reasonable!

The thing at the end was the most brutal and unexpected. I have to wonder if this scene was filmed before or after Sandy Hook. Very powerful and shocking stuff, and this is going to, once again, put the MC in a VERY uncomfortable federal spotlight. I don't think even Romeo's Company connections will protect them from this shitstorm.

billcosby September 11 2013 08:10 PM

Re: Sons of Anarchy Season 6
I felt this was an excellent tide-me-over until we do get a game like that:

Such an eventful, brutal and heartfelt premiere. I admit to being somewhat confused so I had to watch it twice - so much story is crammed into these episodes and the past season, although very enjoyable, just wasn't memorable to me.

I'm a little worried that Peter Weller is being completely oversaturated. It seems like that guy is everywhere... or maybe because I spent the summer watching Into Darkness.

Nick Ryder September 13 2013 03:46 PM

Re: Sons of Anarchy Season 6
Yeah he does seem to be everywhere at once doesn't it? And yeah it didn't help that I rewatched the last half of Season 4 of Enterprise, Star Trek Into Darkness and Dark Knight Returns animated movie lol. What can you say? The man has a good dark voice and menacing presence.

And I totally think this season will be one of those that I think will be as dividing as the 3rd season when they went to Ireland for half of it and people were complaining about it. But I have to agree with Sutter in his E Magazine interview about the premiere, basically none of the Sons have ever really given much thought over what happens to the guns they sell. And the damning thing is, it wasn't even a gun they personally sold to someone that used it like that. The kid somehow got his hands on it. So yeah that's something they really never touched on, 'sure we can sell you these automatics...'

I do think though that it brings up a subject that never was addressed on the show or any show like it really. So I'm curious to see the path it takes.

Although what I do find shocking is Tara's fight at the end - that really took me by surprise, sure I know she's an ass kicker when she has to be, but if she wanted to get out quicker, she should know you don't frickin' fight and it's clear she doesn't have the protection of anyone inside there, like the Sons did when they were in prison. I AM glad that she's not going to be staying inside too long.

As for Jax's 'cheating' I think I'd be willing to give him a slight pass on it, with the way things were with Tara even before she got put away, the honeymoon was most certainly over. I think Jax needs Tara more than Tara needs Jax. And I don't think it was super shocking given that he's done it before when things get bad. Plus it didn't hurt that while she was a bit more 'mature' he needed the comforting and someone to care about him a bit. Since clearly he wasn't getting that nurturing from Gemma or Tara and with Bobby splittin' and all the other stress going on and no one to really go to, I wasn't entirely shocked that he wound up ass naked again with another woman. At least he didn't go back to that slut Ima or whatever her name is - 'the Gash' as I think is her new official name. So at least he went more high class this time. BUT I can see even if they don't really have him doing anything else with her of a sexual nature, I can see her being a sort of side confidant. Sort of a 'safe' third party he can vent to when things get bad. His 'Unser' so to speak. Like how Clay would sort of confide in and use Unser in a similar way - of course she's got the benefit of being far more attractive to look at ;) Plus - with losing Opie last season (Nice to see the new 'In Memory of OPIE' patch on his kutte - was a nice touch. I don't think I've ever seen a memorial patch for anyone on their kutte in this show) he did lose his best friend. Sure Chibbs is close to him, but I really think he always wanted Opie to be his VP. I think that was something that was always in his mind ever since they were kids. Jax would take over as Prez and Opie would be his VP. I'm almost a little surprised last season that Jax didn't drop his old VP patch in his coffin like 'you'll always be my VP'

I was also rather pleased to see Jax not getting all 'you are not dating my mother' and almost accepting that she's got a new man in her life and that man happens to be a pretty decent business partner. I know it sort of started last season, but this was really the first post-no cartel episode where they aren't gun runners, they aren't drug mules, they're bikers that run a porn studio and escort service. And I did wonder how that would work - I mean part of the 'charm' of the show was the whole 'outlaw' nature of the MC. So watchin' em beat down the "Persian assholes' was proof that just because they've gone sorta legit doesn't mean they aren't going to kick ass when they need to.

I do think, though, that by the end of this season, we're going to see Samcro either entirely split up and the Seventh will basically be about closure and seeing the characters meet their final fates. I do hope that in some way Jax, Tara and the boys ride out of Charming together and start a life that doesn't involve the MC in anyway. But I'm pretty sure Jax is going to die by the end, possibly even Tara. Gemma we'll see.. but then again Sutter is all about not doing what you expect. You expect so and so to die, but then at the last minute it's someone else.

So this is my prediction - Gemma will die in Season 7. Tara and Jax will have another rocky patch, but maybe at the end of Season 6 they realize the only "club" that matters is their family. And Jax makes his plans for his final exit - or towards the end of the season he's an active part of the fall of Samcro. Like 'the club has gotten too sick to survive. It's not the club I loved, I've done things I shouldn't have done, gone down paths I never should have walked, and its made me turn into the very things I thought I hated. Is this the legacy I want my sons to grow up with?' And I do see the shooting as a wakeup call to him. Maybe he wonders - would one of my kids do that someday with one of my guns? Will one of my kids go down the path I did? Honorable at first but turn into the same killer I turned into? It's one thing when they kill someone, totally another when an 'innocent' does it.

So yeah this is going to be a wild ride of a season - I thought season 5 was wild, but this... yeah we're going to be really getting into some heady shit this year.

All in all, I'm really looking forward to seeing how this season will shape up

Shanndee September 15 2013 07:37 PM

Re: Sons of Anarchy Season 6
Yes, I do expect this to be a divisive season as well.

At this point I just want to see everything play out and see everyone get the end that they "earned". I'm a little bummed that there are no decent characters left on the show...but this is a series about a violent criminal mc, so that makes sense and I can keep watching as long as the characters are interesting to watch.

I'm on the opposite camp to Nick Ryder though. I really want to see Jax go down and I want Tara to stay in prison for her conscious decision to become a criminal.

They put a whole lot of "stuff" into this opening episode, and I'll be interested to watch it all come together (or fall apart) for the characters.

Nick Ryder September 20 2013 09:43 AM

Re: Sons of Anarchy Season 6
I dunno I kinda want Tara to just walk away - not go to prison, just take his kids and go. I don't think she made a conscious choice to be a criminal. If anything she was guilty of basically being too na´ve for a woman who's seen the kind of stuff she's seen. And that was a frickin' big cross. If anything, I think she was more worried Otto would try to stab her with it. But then again... she was like 'aww that's so sweet, he wants to remember his late wife. I hope Jax feels that way about me if and when I DIE..."

But the more I think about it, the more I THINK Jax is going to die "like... a lot." this season. Maybe not physically die, but I think more and more of the "I'm trying to go legit" Jax will give way to a Jax that is more like Clay than he ever wanted to be. This past episode, with the way Galen was taking the reigns of the gun deal even though Jax really was TRYING to be strong and say 'NO MORE GUNS' either he's going to a) cave in and just do business as usual. b) He's going to do something really fricking stupid and get the Irish mob on his ass and that's going to be the beginning of the end for SAMCRO

I do have to admit, I am kind of getting to enjoy Jimmy Smit's character a lot more than I thought I would. He seems like on the one hand, he's turning into a friend that he really doesn't mind dating his mom, and on the other, I think he's almost mentoring him to be a 'good' gangster somehow. It's weird really but I think it kinda works. Almost like he's grooming him subtly to be the kind of man that would look after his people, even if the club were to die, its members would still need protection and help. And he seems to be all about protecting who he has left.

The one character I DO see dying soonish - the lawyer. She's getting a lot of screen time, we're starting to give a shit about her. In Sutter-ese that means she's close to 'meeting the reaper'. Just sayin'.

Although I'm starting to question how effective Daniel Loque's character is going to be - sure he's stirring a lot of shit and he's putting worms in peoples ears, but I think once he either kills a Diosa escort or is found humping himself in the mirror by someone... everything he's ever said or done is going to go 'poof'.

Shanndee September 22 2013 08:59 PM

Re: Sons of Anarchy Season 6
We'll have to agree to disagree about Tara :)

This is a woman who was smart enough to leave Charming as a teen and earn herself a medical degree. Then she went on to specialize as a pediatric surgeon. She is well versed in scientific reasoning, critical thinking, and logical problem solving. She returned to Charming as a welled educated woman in her thirties. She was fully aware that her actions had consequences. Af ew of her bad choices:

Tara chose to become the doctor for the club. She treated wounds that medical professionals have to inform the police about. This looks like covering up illegal activities to me.

She treated Chibs in hospital, withholding the complete facts surrounding his wounds (didn't she also commit insurance fraud to do it?)

She threatened and assaulted a hospital administrator.

She aided and abetted a criminal on the run from the law (Gemma)

She assaulted Nero's business partner (sister).

She has in depth knowledge of illegal activity regarding drugs, guns, and gang activity. She sought out a more responsible role in the club.

As far as I can tell, she chose to perform some illegal activities and aid in the cover up of others. Loss of her medical licence a 5 to 7 year prison term seems like justice to me.

Nick Ryder September 23 2013 12:42 AM

Re: Sons of Anarchy Season 6
True... yeah I mean honestly I think her medical career is all but over. I think they even set that up in Season 4 when she messed up her hand. Sure they said it was healing but really... after this thing with the accessory to murder thing and just her connection to the club. I think the only medicine she'll be doing is patching up Tig's ass when he gets bitten it bitten again or shot or his new doggie bites off his finger.

Although jail time... nah, I think by that list of deeds, Unser deserves jail time. Same with the Sheriff and his 'cowboy' actions in Season 5 after his wife was killed. The Mayor's dirty as sin. Pretty much everyone in Charming LOL.

But I think this is part of their way of turning Tara into Gemma's harder mini-me. Gemma's a hardass and a master manipulator but Tara's... she's something more dangerous. She's probably just as devious but she balances it with her more altruistic side. At this point though, all she's got left is Samcro. Same with Jax.

I think the only way the series could end well for the Tellers is if Jax leaves with Tara and his boys as Charming gets swallowed up like Sunnydale at the end of Buffy and Samcro is just a memory.

But I do think, more and more, that Jax is going to die by the end of the series. Hunnam's star is rising in Hollywood, Pacific Rim (Sons of Anarchy with big robots! LOL even had Clay!) 50 Shades of Grey. I'll still see him as Jax, even after this show ends, although if he stays clean shaven and has a smart haircut and maybe talks with a bit of his natural accent. But anyway - I think Tara is going to end up a single mother with the boys, probably working with Diosa with Gemma and Nero as their private Doc.

I keep thinking about the 'endgame' of the series. Since Sutter's already close to writing the season finale - what I think would be interesting... start Season 7 as wrapping up Season 6's craziness. And then jump ahead like 10-15 years and see a more grown, Able prospecting in the SoA, walking past JT's old bike and Jax's. Maybe as a sort of rebel against his mom, like 'hey this is my legacy'. I sorta actually wanna see Phil as the President. LOL Why not?!

"I'm tired of running gold farming for the Koreans and their goddam StarCraft shit."

"Able, it's honest money."

"We need to get back to doing what this club used to do. Guns. Real ones."

"Able, shut up an get back to grinding for those World of Warcraft noobs. They paid us a lot of money."

Nick Ryder September 25 2013 06:33 PM

Re: Sons of Anarchy Season 6
Last night's episode sort of threw me for a bit of loop -won't entirely spoil it but it seems as if everyone's thoughts that Clay would die sooner than later were turned on its ear.

I am curious about the direction they're taking Toric - I mean this guy is messed up in so many ways.

Although this was the first time I ever saw RoboRetiredCop having sex on film - and holy crap his face looks OLD when he has a naked girl on his lap. Yikes!

137th Gebirg September 25 2013 08:00 PM

Re: Sons of Anarchy Season 6
I'm curious what Wendy's game is right now, with the fake bruise. I cannot determine any goal that would require this as a step. Is she looking for a pity party to get back into Gemma's good graces or some other agenda? It honestly mystifies me.

doubleohfive September 25 2013 09:33 PM

Re: Sons of Anarchy Season 6
Oh Tig... "Oh shit" indeed.

137th Gebirg September 25 2013 09:41 PM

Re: Sons of Anarchy Season 6
Yeah...wondering if he's going to get a pass as well, like Clay. I actually hope not. It was a stretch for Jax to find a reason to keep Clay alive, IMO. Doing the same thing with Tig and finding a way to artificially draw out his fate would be disappointing and bordering on fake drama.

Personally, I think the whole series next year will end with pretty much everyone dead with the possible exception of Tara and the kids. She somehow finds a way out, leaving the carnage of Charming in her wake, but with literally everyone else dead. The previews show three (albeit somewhat small) boxes on fire with cuts sitting on top with Happy, Chibs, Jax & Juice standing over them. Who's missing? They gotta start with the culling sometime.

Peter Weller is my new favorite guest actor. Real smooth operator, this one - and I don't mean that sarcastically. He is pragmatic, efficient, super-intelligent and highly confident without being too arrogant. Where was he when the Pope badness went down? I just hope the club doesn't find a way to accidentally piss him off too (like Tig's brain-fart with the Iranian).

And what is Bobby doing? Is he trying to join another club? Is he recruiting people from various other clubs to start a new charter? Is he starting an entirely new spin-off MC? I honestly don't get what's going on in several of these side-stories. That and the Wendy thing has me particularly perplexed.

3chordboy September 26 2013 01:07 AM

Re: Sons of Anarchy Season 6

137th Gebirg wrote: (Post 8690899)
And what is Bobby doing? Is he trying to join another club? Is he recruiting people from various other clubs to start a new charter? Is he starting an entirely new spin-off MC?

he's trying to restart the Nomad charter which disbanded when it had less than 4 members. he wants out of Redwood

Shanndee September 26 2013 02:29 AM

Re: Sons of Anarchy Season 6

137th Gebirg wrote: (Post 8690491)
I'm curious what Wendy's game is right now, with the fake bruise. I cannot determine any goal that would require this as a step. Is she looking for a pity party to get back into Gemma's good graces or some other agenda? It honestly mystifies me.

I think Wendy and Tara have a plan regarding custody of the kids. Wendy is trying to get "in" with Gemma by sharing her fear of a violent rape (she has no reason to know about Gemma's assault unless Tara told her about it).

While Wendy is working Gemma, Tara is working Jax. I don't believe that she is pregnant. I think it is a ploy she is working to keep herself safe from her violent, soon-to-be ex-husband. I believe the lawyer and the administrator are all part of the plan to get the kids away from this violent, destructive life.

I hope Clay manages to stay alive until the final season. I know he should have been killed long ago...but I still find him more compelling than most of the other major players. The same goes for Tig. He really, really should be killed, but he is so interesting to watch I don't want him to go yet.

Loving Weller's character as well...

billcosby September 27 2013 09:36 PM

Re: Sons of Anarchy Season 6
Holy shit Tara's lawyer has the EXACT SAME voice as the lady FBI agent who caused a lot of shit in season 2-3 (IIRC?). Close your eyes and listen, it's downright creepy.
Pointless observation outside of the plot, carry on. ;)

137th Gebirg September 27 2013 10:28 PM

Re: Sons of Anarchy Season 6
She does, a bit, yes. And I think you're referring to batshit crazy ATF agent Stahl, yes?

In fact, I've noticed that almost all of the federal agents portrayed in this show should probably be institutionalized, much less carry a badge and gun. Pretty funny, actually... :)

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