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Mr Pointy Ears September 10 2013 02:09 AM

Trailers for the 50
Does anyone knows if or where any trailers for the 50th anniversary going to be released?

Emperor-Tiberius September 10 2013 02:14 AM

Re: Trailers for the 50
I'll make a guess, and say no.

For now.

intrinsical September 10 2013 02:55 AM

Re: Trailers for the 50
Its more a matter of when than where. I'm pretty sure trailers will be airing on BBC by mid to late october.

The Wormhole September 10 2013 03:09 AM

Re: Trailers for the 50
No official trailers are out yet. The one shown at Comic Con can't be posted online lest Moffat throw a hissy fit.

FreddyE September 10 2013 09:44 AM

Re: Trailers for the 50
So what? Let him throw a hissy fit. That whole "exclusive trailer" thing is stupid anyway.

Guy Gardener September 10 2013 10:16 AM

Re: Trailers for the 50
No I saw a trailer. I was really hyped. But it just turned out to be a fricking clip show of old stuff.

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