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Khan 2.0 September 9 2013 10:15 PM

Star Trek vs Aliens
(*this is a continuation of the following thread as im pretty sure it wouldnt be allowed in the Literature forum)

Heres an outline of how an Aliens v Trek comic mini series could go IMO:

(issue #1)
Pre title credits opening
The late 23rd Century. The original 5 year mission of the Enterprise NCC1701 under the command of Captain James T Kirk. The Ent comes across yet another uncharted M class planet in the outer regions of the galaxy...faint life signs but strangely uninhabited...beam down landing party (Kirk, Spock, Bones, red shirts etc) and find a crashed long lost federation ship ..enter and look around for abit. A red shirt finds hundreds of alien eggs in ships cargo hold - one opens as he inspects it - face hugger attack.

Act 1
Bring him back up to the ship...Bones operates in sickbay...finds creature has acid for blood etc - stabilises. Kirk & Spock continue to investigate - examine damaged ships logs and find the crew encountered an alien lifeform on another uncharted planet many years ago - eventually spock figures out the eggs are whats left of the ships crew (but still no clue how ship crashed). Back on Enterprise, Spock consults the computer library and after breaking of federation codes finds similar highly classified case in the early 22nd century with a commercial cargo ship that landed on a now unmarked/off limits planetoid - realises the redshirt is being infected with dangerous organism. Alerts sick bay, but too late - an alien breaks out of red shirts chest and escapes...

(issue #2)
Act 2
Alien starts picking off the crew...creates more Aliens. They start running amok on Enterprise..lots of battles, deaths and horror etc...Spock and Bones start work on a way to defeat the aliens without destroying the enterprise...they come up with something that might work but before can explain/put into practice are attacked - Bones is badly injured/unconscious. Spock is captured...

(issue #3)
Act 3
Aliens have now totally over run the ship, power is off line, life support only etc. Kirk has no choice but to set the ship on self destruct and evacuate the remainder of the crew in shuttle crafts and escape pods to the planet below .. He stays behind to try and retrieve spock who has been taken to the hive in engineering ...Kirk, bloodied with his shirt shredded, arms himself with a phaser rifle and two hand phasers on his belt…eventually finds spock in the hive but its too late - he's being infected by a facehugger...

(issue #4)
Act 4
Kirk carefully breaks spock out of the hive and takes him to sickbay, and with a phaser manages to cut off the facehugger without killing spock and before hes fully impregnated (his vulcan physiology helps save him)...spock reveals knowledge of how they can defeat the aliens - bombarding the ship with a special radiation that will neutralize the acid in the blood killing them (and any other life form). They get to the bridge..Kirk stops the self destruct just in time and Spock completes radiation procedure...suddenly banging on the bridge doors - the aliens have found them! ..they fight way to the transporter room to beam on to a shuttle craft before radiation is initiated throughout ship in 5 minutes…but due to strain on ship only enough power to beam off one person!! - Kirk stuns spock before he can nerve pinch him and throws him on the transporter pad - beams him on to an escape pod….then heads to the shuttle bay blasting aliens on the way, gets there but encounters the Alien queen! gets in environmental suit, does battle, environmental suit is damaged but times up - radiation imminent…opens the shuttle doors - he and the queen are blown out into space …radiation is activated and kills all the aliens on board...then the crew take back the ship…locate kirk in deep space…beam him back on the ship before air runs out from damaged suit.

Enterprise is orbiting the planet of the crashed federation vessel - fires full phasers on the ship vaporizing it. marks planet for quarantine. then slowly heads to nearest starbase for repairs. As they leave, Bones (now recovered) wonders how such a species of creature could ever come into existence. Spock theorizes that they may have been created eons ago as a biological weapon designed to wipe out a planets population, but as to who made them is unknown.... Kirk hopes mankind will never encounter those that created them.... ;)

The End.

Pauln6 September 10 2013 09:19 AM

Re: Star Trek vs Aliens
Great fun! Except you are missing the bit where Janice Rand gets into her pants in the shuttlecraft. Every Trek story has to have an obligatory pants shot these days ;P

Khan 2.0 September 10 2013 10:06 AM

Re: Star Trek vs Aliens
thanks. yes i shouldve included Rand in there somewhere. maybe she shouldve been like Ripley and been the sole survivor:lol:

included some original series motifs in there to make it seem like a typical episode - e.g. red shirt death (every other episode), Spock and Bones being given the task of trying to solve the problem (as Kirk often put them both to work - Operation Annihilate, Immunity Syndrome, Deadly Years etc), Kirks ripped shirt (every other fight), Kirk putting ship on destruct (Let The Be Your Last Battlefield, Star Trek III), spocks vulcan physiology saving his life (Operation Annihilate, The Apple), kirk sacrificing himself at the end for his friends/ship (Obsession, Doomsday Machine, Star Trek V), Kirk going mano e mano with the main villain as the fate of his ship/crew hangs in the balance (Court Martial, Arena, Space Seed, Star Trek III, etc), kirk in a spacesuit running out of air getting saved by spock (Tholian Web), dealing with problem on planets surface/destroying vessel on planet (Operation Annihilate/Alternative Factor), kirk spock bones pontificating/moralising on the bridge at the epilogue (every other ep)

also putting in the typical Alien/s motifs and plot devices - the plot would be similar to Alien/Aliens (& First Contact - which was basically Star Treks version of Aliens). Obviously the way the xeno gets aboard is similar to Alien, the way it would create more would be like what was happening with Dallas and Brett in the Alien Directors Cut, Spock being captured Newt/Data style resulting in the end finale with the lead character going back to rescue and facing off against the Alien/alien queen and using the airlock to blast it out…and obviously the epilogue is a nod to Prometheus:lol:

Pauln6 September 10 2013 07:36 PM

Re: Star Trek vs Aliens
Lol - yes you've got a lot of classic stuff in there! I especially love Kirk charging to the rescue with a ripped shirt. :0

I tried to come at the topic from left field by placing crewmen in peril off the ship for the first story. I thought it would be too easy just to beam an alien off the ship so I tried to think of ways to nip that quick fix in the bud. I love the notion that the aliens are bio-weapons so I linked that into the Vorlon/Shadow conflict. I tried to walk the line between making Rand the damsel in distress and the plucky heroine who can take on the Aliens in her pants.

The biggest problem I've found is that there are just not enough 'action' shots from TMP to illustrate a decent fight. I'd love Kirk to take on a Queen!

Khan 2.0 September 14 2013 02:14 PM

Re: Star Trek vs Aliens
actually it probably better to set it in the TMP era like you did as a nod to TMP/Alien out the same year (the Alienverse would fit in more with that era of Trek)

Pauln6 September 14 2013 04:25 PM

Re: Star Trek vs Aliens
I figured since i was doing an almalgam universe anyway I can play with the tech levels. I loathe the notion that you can just transport something by detecting their life signs from the ship (so don't get me started on long-distance beaming in nuTrek). I much prefer that you need a localised quantum scanning device (communicator or belt monitor) so the best you can do is beam down a communicator to the site of your life signs - risky since you can't be sure who or what you have detected until your local scanning device is onsite (class M planets are full of life signs) but at least with a communicator you can try and establish dialogue and beam the ting back if no dice.

As far as transporters go, I thought it makes more 'sense' if your data is quantum linked with the matter stream and then phased/exchanged with the energy of the matter stream so the person is not disassembled in a literal sense. The confinement beams' job is then to stop the quantum-linked energy leaking away so that the person reverts back in the right order at target site. If the links get scrambled you get a TMP style mess back. Boosting your matter gain is adding in replicated material based on the quantum scan you took at the start point replacing stuff that has leaked away but if too much has leaked you just get a replicated corpse.

This places more interesting limitations on transporting. If you transport too frequently you end up with cell damage (as more of your cells have to be replicated each time). Emergency transporters have lower standards on the basis that it's better to be alive with cell damage than dead

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