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Xand August 15 2013 08:32 AM

Star Trek etymology
Startrek etymology:
Ocampa Lat. oc, ob -toward, against + campus -field
Annorax Lat. annum -year + rex -king
Dukat Lat. ducere, ducatus -to lead (leader)
Hirogen hero + generare -to born, generate
Masaka from word mask
Kazon Gr. kakos -bad + zone
Borg Gr. kybernetes -helmsman + ergon, -org -work, cyborg
Korgano Lat. cor -heart + Gr. ganos -joy
Cardassia Gr. kardia -heart + Lat. as, assis -copper coin (heart made of copper because were cruel)
Ferengi Lat. fero, ferre -to bear, to carry + angor, anxiety
Krenim Gr. chronos -time
Orpax or -gold (French) + Lat. pax -peace
Tricorder Lat. tri -three + cor, cordis -heart (three times thinker for computer com -together, with + putare -to think
Hologram Gr. holos -whole, complete + gramma -letter, writing
Android Gr. aner, andros -man + eidos, -oid -form, shape
Duras Lat. durus -hard
Ponfar Lat. ponere -to put + fari -to speak
Sto-vo-kor Lat. sto -I stand + vocare -to call + cor, cordis -heart
Ulani Belor Lat. ullus -any + an -of, related to + bellum -war
Benil Lat. bene -well + il -of, related to
Dolak Lat. dolor -pain + ac -of, related to
Korinas Lat. cor, cordis -heart + in -of, related to
Lonar Lat. luna -moon
Krim grim
Ocett Lat. oculus -eye + ett -little, small
Pirak Gr. pyr -fire + ac -of, related to
Preloc Lat. prae, pre -before + loqui, locutus -speak
Prenar Lat. prae, pre -before + nare -to swim
Ranor Lat. rana -frog
Rekelen Lat. re, red -back, again + celare -to hide + en -of, related to
Revok Lat. re, red -back, again + vocare -to call
Rugal Lat. ruga -wrinkle + al -of, related to
Seska Lat. sedere, sessus -to sit, settle + ka -of, related to (Slavic, Sanskrit)
Spumco Lat. spuma -foam
Surjak Hindi suraj -sun + ac -of, related to
Telak Gr. tele -far + ac -of, related to
Suliban Lat. sulum, suli -each thing, everything + bane
Talaxians Lat. talis -such, so great + ax -having ability, ing suffix
Vorta Lat. vorare, voratus -to swallow, devour
Vidiians Lat. videre -to see, look at, vidi -I have seen
Delvok Lat. delere, deletus -delete, destroy + vocare -to call
Taurik Gr. taurus -bull + ic -of, related to
Tuvok Lat. tu -you + vocare -to call
Weyoun way + Lat. unus, una -one
Mala Lat. malus, mala -evil, bad
Motura Lat. movere, motus -to move + ur -of, related
Suran Fr. sur, super -above + an -of, related to
Vrax Lat. uro, urere, ustus -burn + ax -ing suffix
Xerius Gr. xeros -dry
Orum Lat. os, oris -mouth
Neral It. nero -black + al -of, related to
Nevala Lat. ne -not + valere -to be strong
Jas Holza Ger. holz -wood
Surmak Fr. sur, super -above + make
Bajor bajar -to go down, to descend (Spanish) (because was conquered)
Empok Nor em -in, empower + notorious
Terok Nor terror + notorious
Neelix Lat. ne -not + lex, legis -law or lux, lucis -light, not bright
Culluh cull -collect, separate
Vor'cha Lat. vorare -to devour + chance

For those interested in etymology I made various games etymologies on Crestfallen, the Way forum:

lvsxy808 August 15 2013 10:16 AM

Re: Star Trek etymology
Some interesting thoughts. I'm not entirely sure all of them fit, but they're interesting to ponder nevertheless.

I have to say we already knew where Borg came from - that one was pretty obvious ever since "Q Who."

Ferengi is already acknowledged as being based on the Arabic word faranji, meaning 'foreigner.' Maybe that word comes from your etymology, but it's not where the ST writers got it from.

But still, interesting work.


Xand August 19 2013 12:43 PM

Re: Star Trek etymology
Bath leth (blood) bath + to let go
Spock Lat. specere, spectus -observe, watch, look at + ock -of, related to (he was logical and observant character)

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