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HoserTrek37 July 28 2013 05:03 AM

Post-Nem Fics
Anyone interested in helping me write Wesley Crusher fics set during or after the Dominion War / post-Nem? I've been kicking around the idea since I see every other pairing & situation covered from TOS to Voy/Full Circle & Captain Ezri of the U.S.S. Aventine. Anyone have any photomanipulations of Wesley in sufficiently futuristic civilian / off-duty garb or his Titan engineering uniform with a Voy commbadge? Perhaps a Starfleet Academy story with a Miles Edward O'Brien crossover with DS9 as Miles signs-on as Professor of Engineering.

Sort of a Hogwarts style idea where something's about to break loose. An ancient pan-dimensional being held within Earth's solar system, dormant & hibernating. About to be released as a result of old languages being rediscovered, mythologies, and laws, etc. as the Alpha Quadrant experiences it's best level of inter-species cooperation in decades or even centuries. All that youth & neural energy collecting so nearby sets off the creature's senses, compelling the being to awaken. There are some whom are adequately prepared to face this reality, quietly massing to exploit the ensuing chaos, & its Wesley's job to send the creature back to its' millenias-long rest.

Grabthar T Kirk August 3 2013 03:44 AM

Re: Post-Nem Fics
Depends. How soon after the story starts does Wesley die? And can I write his death scene?

Bomber Harris August 3 2013 11:40 AM

Re: Post-Nem Fics

Grabthar T Kirk wrote: (Post 8461957)
Depends. How soon after the story starts does Wesley die? And can I write his death scene?

Cut it out with the deliberate posting of controversial stuff to rile up people. You've already received one warning, I have no qualms about issuing another.

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