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TrekToday July 13 2013 02:50 AM

Retro Review: The Quickening
Bashir tries to stop a deadly plague engineered by the Dominion to punish a Gamma Quadrant society. Plot Summary: After telling Quark to stop using the station’s comm system to advertise his bar, Kira takes Bashir and Dax on a mission to the Gamma Quadrant, where they pick up a distress call and follow it [...]


Jiangnan Freak July 19 2013 06:53 AM

Re: Retro Review: The Quickening
I don't think i ever watched this one.

JirinPanthosa July 21 2013 05:12 AM

Re: Retro Review: The Quickening
The part at the end when the baby gets born makes me tear up a little.

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