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M.A.C.O. July 11 2013 08:56 AM

Favorite Doctor and or Favorite Era

I can proudly say I have run and completed this gauntlet.
My ranking of the Doctors is

1. 5th
2. 10th
3. 4th
4. 11th
5. 3rd
6. 9th
7. 1st
8. 7th
9. 2nd
10. 8th ( I audiobook also)
11. 6th

Please share yours.

Iamnotspock July 11 2013 12:25 PM

Re: Favorite Doctor and or Favorite Era
I can't really rank them in the same way; I pretty much like Troughton, T. Baker and Smith as joint-favourites, and the rest just below them equally. There isn't one Doctor I outright dislike, although I think C. Baker's audio incarnation is a huge improvement on his TV persona.

My favourite eras are Season 7, the Hinchcliffe years and the "new series" (while neither RTD's or Moffat's run are perfect, I love elements of both - if they could collaborate on the series I'd be very happy!)

DalekJim July 11 2013 12:28 PM

Re: Favorite Doctor and or Favorite Era
1. Sylvester McCoy
2. Tom Baker
3. Patrick Troughton
4. William Hartnell
5. Colin Baker
6. Jon Pertwee
7. Matt Smith
8. Peter Davison
9. Christopher Eccleston
10. Paul McGann
11. David Tennant

My favourite seasons are Season 1, Season 7, Season 12, Season 13, Season 14, Season 18, Season 22, Season 25, and Season 26.

Least favourite seasons are RTD Who Series 2 and RTD Who Series 4.

Starkers July 11 2013 12:43 PM

Re: Favorite Doctor and or Favorite Era
Well at the moment mine would probably line up like this, though really it's always somewhat fluid, certainly Tennant Tom and Eccleston could quite easily reaarange themselves in my head if asked the same question next week.

1 Matt Smith
2 Peter Davison
3 Patrick Troughton
4 David Tennant
5 Tom Baker
6 Christopher Eccleston
7 Sylvester McCoy
8 Jon Pertwee
9 William Hartnell
10 Paul McGann
11 Colin Baker

As for favourite eras, I'd go with Davison's. That's not an objective observation, and it is tinged with more than a little nostalgia but it's my era and my Doctor. Other than that I do like Hinchcliffe's time, and for the most part I've enjoyed Moffat's era thus far. Hard to speak of an era I've hated, probably Colin/early McCoy.

VDCNI July 11 2013 12:57 PM

Re: Favorite Doctor and or Favorite Era
1st - Tom Baker
2nd - Peter Davison
3rd - Patrick Troughton
4th - William Hartnell
5th - Sylvester McCoy
6th - Colin Baker
7th - David Tennant
8th - Matt Smith
9th - Paul McGann
10th - Christopher Eccleston
11th - Jon Pertwee

In terms of quality of stories I prefer the sixties particularly seasons 1-5. Not a massive fan of the modern series with only Series 4 being up to standard - series 6 is the worst series of Who by a long way.

Orac Zen July 11 2013 12:58 PM

Re: Favorite Doctor and or Favorite Era
1. Jon Pertwee. This never changes, and never will. The rest has changed slightly in recent years, though.

2. Patrick Troughton / Matt Smith

4. William Hartnell / Peter Davison

6. Eccleston

7. C Baker

8. T Baker

9. McGann

In some foetid dungeon: McCoy

In some deep ocean abyss: Tennant.

As for era... All of Pertwee's run, everything I've seen of Troughton, the pre-Susan's departure of Hartnell, the Pond years with Smith, the Sarah-Jane and Leela years with T Baker (can't stand him but many of my favourite serials are from his era), most of the Davison years... Really, the only periods I simply cannot stand are McCoy and Tennant.

MickJo1701 July 11 2013 01:47 PM

Re: Favorite Doctor and or Favorite Era
Its surprisingly difficult to do this list because I really don't believe there has ever been a 'bad' Doctor, but this is my order of preference

1 - Jon Pertwee (he IS The Doctor)
2 - Peter Davison
3 - Matt Smith
4 - Tom Baker
5 - Patrick Troughton
6 - David Tennant
7 - Paul McGann
8 - Christopher Eccleston
9 - Sylvester McCoy
10 - Colin Baker

It would be unfair to include William Hartnell on the list because I haven't seen enough of his serials to base a judgement.

C.E. Evans July 11 2013 02:59 PM

Re: Favorite Doctor and or Favorite Era
I can honestly say that I like all of the Doctors equally.

As far as favorite era, though, I was very tempted to go with Series 17, but I think I have to go with Series 25 instead because it was such a turnaround for the Seventh Doctor from the bumbling clown he was in the previous series to a master manipulator with a touch of darkness.

M.A.C.O. July 12 2013 06:11 AM

Re: Favorite Doctor and or Favorite Era
My favorite eras have to be Third Doctor through the Fifth Doctor. There is something inherently cool about the early 70's. Pertwee's era in the 70's being low tech high science and his adventures with UNIT and the Brig bring smiles to my face.

The Tom Baker years I found exciting because it was like watching a theater show on television. The adventure, the comedy, the performances. All spot on and unique.

The Davison years I correspond to the most. There is a sense of adventure and mystery to be had. There is a good sense of family about it with Nyssa, Tegan, Adric and Turlough. As well as a sense of tradgedy when one by one all Fivey's companions leave him. Which I found way more powerful than the overlong, drawn out departure of Amy and Rory.

Emh July 12 2013 06:19 AM

Re: Favorite Doctor and or Favorite Era
1. Tom Baker - Baker is MY Doctor.
2. Patrick Troughton - It's a crying shame so many of his episodes are still missing.
3. Matt Smith - The perfect blend of my top two favorites.
4. Paul McGann - If you haven't listened to McGann's Big Finish audio plays, you must.
5. Sylvester McCoy - I grew up on McCoy and Baker and it says a lot about Troughton, Smith, and McGann that they're ranked higher.
6. Colin Baker - Like McGann, you must listen to Baker's audio plays which are much better than his original run.
7. Peter Davison - How can you not love Davison? He's charming, funny, and his companions include Tegan, Nyssa and Turlough.
8. David Tennant - The only thing that keeps Tennant from being absolutely fantastic is the fact that he tends to overdo his manic and moody moments.
9. Christopher Eccleston - If Eccleston had done even one more season, he might have been the greatest. Well, maybe not greater than Tom or Pat.
10. William Hartnell. - The man who started it all and yet still remains the most different incarnation.
11. Jon Pertwee - Don't get me wrong, I love Pertwee, but I just love everyone else more.

zarkon July 12 2013 07:43 AM

Re: Favorite Doctor and or Favorite Era
From favourite to least:

Sylvester McCoy
Christopher Eccleston
Tom Baker
Patrick Troughton
William Hartnell
Peter Davison
Jon Pertwee
Paul McGann
David Tennant
Matt Smith
Colin Baker

The Lensman July 12 2013 07:58 AM

Re: Favorite Doctor and or Favorite Era
Favorite Doctors
Troughton \ T. Baker

Everyone else

Favorite Era
Hartnell \ T. Baker
Eccelston \ Troughton

The rest

Green Lantern July 12 2013 04:38 PM

Re: Favorite Doctor and or Favorite Era
Favourite Doctors:
1) 10th
2) 8th
3) 9th
4) 6th
5) 2nd
6) 5th
7) 11th
8) 4th
9) 7th
10) 3rd
11) 1st

Favourite series style:
1) 8th
2) 9th
3) 10th
4) 6th
5) 5th and late 4th
6) 2nd
7) 7th
8) 1970s 4th
9) 11th
10) 3rd
11) 1st

sidious618 July 12 2013 09:28 PM

Re: Favorite Doctor and or Favorite Era
I'm not going to rank all of them but I'd say my favorite Doctor is Davison while my favorite era is McCoy's.

Dick_Valentine July 13 2013 08:35 PM

Re: Favorite Doctor and or Favorite Era
1. David Tennant

The Era where you realise that Doctor Who fans are no different to those annoying fans of a rock band who loved them when they were underground then cry "Sellout" the second the achieve mainstream popularity.
Tennant's era is classic who gone popular. All the ingredients are there, but hell, of all the eras it also seems the most FUN.
As a viewer sometimes I wonder WHY the companions stick around with this man, particularly if he's going to be crabby at you (1st Doctor) or condescending and patronising to you (3rd Doctor) but at least Ten made the whole intergalactic adventure into something seemingly to be enjoyed, not feared.

9th Doctor

4th Doctor

5th Doctor

11th Doctor

2nd Doctor

6th Doctor

8th Doctor

3rd Doctor

1st Doctor

And worst of all: 7th Doctor.
The show should've ended before it got to this.
Everything from its insipid theme to its am-dram acting actually does more harm to the franchise than good.
Do. Not. Want.

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