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IzzyAtWarp9 July 10 2013 04:34 PM

Star Trek Episode Crossovers
Hiya this is my first thread on Trek BBS so I doubt I'll get many responses buuuuuut...

I have seen A LOT of Star Trek crossover fanfics (like, seriously) but what I have barely seen any of is crossovers where the characters from one series are put into the plot line of another series' episode.
That probably doesn't make much sense.
(If it does make sense to you then skip the next bit up until the laughing Vulcans :rommie:)

For example...

(This is an example, I haven't actually written it, sorry! I'm not a great writer)

Crossover: TOS and TNG
Character swap examples:

Kirk - Riker
Spock - Picard
Garth - Any villian (could stay as Garth)
Scotty - Geordie
Sulu - Deanna

So Riker would be talking to Garth and kissing Marta and in the chair and stuff, Picard sorting the Rikers at the end, Geordie and Deanna trying to get through etc.
Or even keep the basic plot and completely screw up the characters. So, like, if I had the writing skills I would do

Picard, Riker and Beverly beam down. Picard does all the talky stuff like Spock does and Riker does all the action like he always does. But then Beverly is there as a kinda Cory/ Marta ish equivalent (ooh wata twist) so she gets the chair and the explody crystals in her neck so Garth is basically trying to get the info out of Picard via Beverly (oh lucky her).

Sorry I went off on one there but I think that would be a cool idea and this is the closest I've found:
by ardavenport
which is really cool give it a read :)

So sorry for such a long post I just wanted to put that all down.
If you know any stories or would like to write one then post a link or the whole story below.
Also (even though I am probably the only person who will ever see this thread) I will have a (feeble) attempt at making this a competition: the best story to be posted I will put a link to in my signature (I'm only an ensign but I post pretty much on a daily basis)

So if you haven't already left and are reading this: congratulations you have survived your journey through my mind. Enjoy :)

IzzyAtWarp9 July 10 2013 04:35 PM

Re: Star Trek Episode Crossovers
Immediate bump aaaannnnnddddddd a subtopic:

Which crossover is best?

Personally I like DS9/TNG and TOS/TNG best but I'm not picky

Sandoval July 15 2013 08:14 PM

Re: Star Trek Episode Crossovers
Go on then, I'll ask:

What the fuck are you on about?

IzzyAtWarp9 July 16 2013 04:25 PM

Re: Star Trek Episode Crossovers
Most of it I have no ideas it's just a ramble (sorryyyyyy) but basically taking characters from one series and putting them into an episode from a different series. So swapping doctor for doctor, captain for captain etc.
I'm probably the only one who gets it sorry :/

CeJay July 17 2013 08:57 PM

Re: Star Trek Episode Crossovers
I get it. Crossovers aren't a novel idea of course and we've seen plenty of 'team-ups' even within canon.

Maybe what we haven't seen much before is completely transplanting characters from one series into another and make them native to it. Mixing your Trek, as it were.

Not sure if there's an audience for it but if it's something you'd like to see, probably the only way you ever will is if you write it.

IzzyAtWarp9 July 17 2013 09:01 PM

Re: Star Trek Episode Crossovers
See what ya mean I guess I'm not a particular purist when it comes to mixing Trek. I'll probably have a go at (badly) writing some in the future

IzzyAtWarp9 July 17 2013 09:01 PM

Re: Star Trek Episode Crossovers
Like your signature btw :)

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