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ctroft June 25 2013 01:27 AM

Ahoyager Episodes 1 and 2
Hi Guys,

I am currently developing a new animated series entitled "Ahoyager". It's a parody of Star Trek of sorts and stars Captain Pakaday and her misfit crew as they hurl through space, destroying any hope humanity has for a better future. The series grabs elements from a few different sources, but Trek is obviously the biggest inspiration.

I currently have two episodes out. My current goal is to release an episode a month and see how things go. Here they are:

Episode 1: The Saggy Truth

When Pakaday, a chain-smoking spaceship captain, is faced with her fear of aging, she will do whatever it takes to gain the favor of her male subordinates.

Episode 2: The Black Hole

After encountering a deadly spatial anomaly, Captain Pakaday turns to an unlikely crew member to save the Ahoyager.


Maurice June 29 2013 02:17 AM

Re: Ahoyager Episodes 1 and 2
So...a woman who cares only about men finding her attractive and then a bunch of unfunny dialog about racial stereotypes.

I appreciate the effort anyone makes in making a film, but the scripts here are rubbish.

Johnny July 6 2013 11:12 PM

Re: Ahoyager Episodes 1 and 2
Maybe a quicker cut would keep the dialogue moving along a bit more and keep the pace going.

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