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Nick Ryder June 22 2013 01:20 AM

12th Doctor Changes - Predictions
So we're probably only a few months from knowing who our new Doctor will be after Matt Smith leaves - but what do YOU think will stay the same? What will change? Are you expecting older, younger, same/similar age? Will Clara hang around for a while or be replaced by someone new? Will the TARDIS control room change again? Will he get a new Sonic screwdriver? Will the new Doctor NOT use a Sonic?

I've been sitting here looking at my 9th/10th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver and my 11th Doctor's Sonic and thinking just how 'aggressive' the 11th's Sonic was - sure it's got a lot more features than the last 2 Doctor's, but do you think the next one will use the same Sonic or will it be revamped again? Maybe a return to a smaller, less aggressive sonic or something maybe a bit more akin to River Song's sonic. I kinda liked that almost trigger guard ring that it had.

I DO see at least a few small changes to the TARDIS control room - honestly I'd like to see a more functional and less "fanciful" TARDIS control room - I mean let's face it, Matt Smith's control rooms really have very little logic - the new one is much more "control room" than that funhouse, random crap control room he had when he got the new TARDIS room.

While I do enjoy the more "Alien" aspects of the Doctor's tech, it would be nice to see more functional looking things, not like a water tank or a desk paper weight being "vital" parts of the control deck.

As for the Doctor himself - I'd sort of like to see at least slightly older - or at least slightly more mature yet still quirky and fun. More driven in terms of actually accomplishing things and being believable as a sort of alien engineer/scientist. One thing I always did like about Eccleston's and Tennant's Doctors was that they were almost like alien anthropologists that studied humanity, enjoyed hanging with them and felt protective of them, but the way they'd step back and go "that's what's great about you humans!" and have this big grin. Matt Smith's... he seemed the most "alien" of all the Doctors really. Like he would have been perfect in the 3rd Rock from the Sun cast lol.

I honestly wouldn't mind seeing a bit of a love triangle form between 12 and Clara and River. I mean I do honestly think that the Doctor has the same kind of fascination and hots for Clara that 10 had for Rose. Like really, he knows he and River are going to be married 'sometime' and that she's totally got the hots for him - but at the same time, I think he really wants to at least spend a lifetime with an Earth girl that challenges and excites and just makes him happy. Since we haven't heard about Clara being replaced yet - I think it's safe to say that she'll be like Rose in that she was the companion for 2 Doctors and two Series with return re-visits - but I do like the idea that she's helped all the other 10 previous Doctors out at some point. I kept hoping she was a regen of a future River - but then again River does sort of work best as an enigma.

Green Lantern June 22 2013 11:09 AM

Re: 12th Doctor Changes - Predictions
I think the sonic cane would be awesome to come back.

C.E. Evans June 22 2013 12:35 PM

Re: 12th Doctor Changes - Predictions
My own predictions:
  • I think the Twelfth Doctor will probably be the same age that Matt Smith is right now.
  • The bow-tie will be gone (it'll no longer be considered cool by the new Doctor).
  • His costume will feature a blazer and a waistcoat.
  • New sonic screwdriver.
  • Minimal changes to the TARDIS control room (different lighting, possibly one or two more furniture pieces).
  • Clara will stay.
  • Totally new show intro sequence and logo.
  • The return of the Master and possibly the Valeyard.
I think at least one of these may happen.

Konata Izumi June 22 2013 04:42 PM

Re: 12th Doctor Changes - Predictions

Green Lantern wrote: (Post 8283271)
I think the sonic cane would be awesome to come back.

That would be keeping in line with giving The Doctor increasingly powerful phallic objects..

Allyn Gibson June 22 2013 05:30 PM

Re: 12th Doctor Changes - Predictions
I don't know who I want the 12th Doctor to be (not in terms of actor, in terms of personality and behavior), but I do know what I would like narratively.

I want closure to the Moffat era. It's likely to be his final season in the center seat, and I want questions like "Who blew up the TARDIS" answered. I don't want an overarching storyline about the companion. I don't want timey-wimey shenanigans. I want the Doctor to face the problems of his past fresh and put them behind him so that, under the aegis of a new producer, the next Doctor can start his second year free of the detritus of the Moffat era.

Starkers June 22 2013 05:56 PM

Re: 12th Doctor Changes - Predictions
I predict the 12th Doctor will be an actor quite a bit older than Smith, probably around the 40yr old mark.

I predict the 12th Doctor will be less quirky than 11 or 10, perhaps more considered and serious, though he'll still be prone to bursts of manic behaviour.

I predict he'll use the same console room, and the same sonic screwdriver, though he'll use it less, I predict Clara will stick around for a year before Jenna's off and I predict the 12th Doctor will never encounter River Song...

Ghost Bones June 22 2013 06:24 PM

Re: 12th Doctor Changes - Predictions
I suppose he'll be standing up like a flamethrower. Not much of a death is it.

Green Lantern June 22 2013 06:53 PM

Re: 12th Doctor Changes - Predictions
Okay, a full list of predictions:
*An older actor: 30s-40s
*Moffat will last one more series
*After Moffat leaves, a new sonic screwdriver will be made. It doesn't even go with the current console anyway, it went with the junkyard TARDIS.
*Clara will stay until either the end of series 8 or the beginning of series 9.
*After Moffats departure, in some point in the twelfth doctors era the TARDIS exterior and interior will change once again.
*After Moffats departure, sometime in the twelfth doctors era a new title sequence, theme, and logo will be used.
*Does Moffat have something against the Master, because we've never seen him since RTDs time. Chances are we'll never see him in Smiths time now, and possibly not the twelfth doctors first series, but soon in the twelfth doctors time, the master will return!
*A more sensible Dalek design after Moffats departure. Maybe we can just revert back to the RTD daleks at last.

Sean_McCormick June 22 2013 09:34 PM

Re: 12th Doctor Changes - Predictions
In fact, i do remember seeing an interview with Moffat, in which he, asked about it, said that the Master does not interest him that much as a villain, problem is i do not remember the specifics nor where exactly i saw it.

Nick Ryder June 22 2013 09:39 PM

Re: 12th Doctor Changes - Predictions
I dunno about the Sonic looking like it went more with the 'junkyard' theme TARDIS, although I could see its next iteration being maybe a bit more silver. I do like the gold but the extending claws are sort of... I dunno I mean, it's supposed to signify that its doing something 'special' but I wouldn't mind it being more silver and white again - maybe like a mesh of the 10th and 11th's screwdrivers. Although I dunno if the next Doctor will use it less, but I'd like to see it have more 'control' surfaces on it though. I mean, both 10 and 11 have turned it on the side and looked at it and rattled off readings or settings or something and clearly when you look at the toys and even the screen prop, there's nothing really there - unless they're saying it's more of a quasi telepathic connection.

I think 11 was far more telepathic than 10 - both with is connection to his tech and with other people. I don't recall any of the previous Doctors doing like the 'head smack' memory transfer thing.

I kinda wouldn't mind seeing more of that, maybe him actually using other 'Time Lord abilities' would be neat - after all, he IS an alien from a highly advanced race and incredibly intelligent. So maybe character-wise I wouldn't mind seeing someone a bit older - since it seems like they were writing Smith as if he was a much older actor - so maybe 40s - is there like a British Robert Downey Jr. type? LOL - someone charismatic and quirky yet still mature when he needs to be.

I'm taking a wild stab here at the new Doctor's 'look' I'm thinking maybe a return to a more casual daily wardrobe - not quite as casual as 9, but I'm thinking maybe an oxford, vest, chino slacks and a duster jacket - I do like the look of the long coat that 10 and 11 have been wearing - looks cool when they run.

Starkers June 22 2013 10:21 PM

Re: 12th Doctor Changes - Predictions
The new Doctor's look very much depends on who they cast, I don't think you can foist a look on an actor, Moffat's 'pirate' outfit by all accounts looked terrible on Smith, for him the scatty professor look (at least initially) was perfect. Just try and imagine Ten dressed as Nine and Nine dressed as Ten, wouldn't have worked.

The Borgified Corpse June 22 2013 10:29 PM

Re: 12th Doctor Changes - Predictions
I think they've spent far too much money on the new TARDIS interior & opening title sequence to change them again now. I think they, and Clara, will at least be around through Season 8. Unless Clara somehow doesn't survive the next 2 specials at all.

And, personally, I'm not sure there will ever be a better time to do a female Doctor. I mean, there's been kind of a logical progression in personalities from Paul McGann through Matt Smith. But Smith took it about as far as you can take that. I think the 12th Doctor will be a radical departure in some dimension or another. Might as well test the gender change while you're at it.

Starkers June 22 2013 10:38 PM

Re: 12th Doctor Changes - Predictions
Here's a prediction, the 12th Doctor won't be a woman...

C.E. Evans June 22 2013 11:36 PM

Re: 12th Doctor Changes - Predictions

The Borgified Corpse wrote: (Post 8285341)
I think they've spent far too much money on the new TARDIS interior & opening title sequence to change them again now.

One of the easiest things to change is the opening title sequence.

MickJo1701 June 22 2013 11:47 PM

Re: 12th Doctor Changes - Predictions
Titles are easily changed, building a new TARDIS set is another story. They only built the current one because moving the 2010 set from Upper Boat to Roath Lock proved impossible.

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